James Ingram Net Worth 2023, Early Life, Family Background

What is James Ingram net worth? James Ingram was an American songwriter and recording artist. James died in 2019 and, at the time of his death, his net worth was 20 million dollars. Read on to learn more about him.

Early Life and Family Background

James was born to Alistine Wilson Ingram and Henry Ingram, a church secretary (who had a total of six children including James) on the 16th of February, 1952, in Akron, Ohio. 

He attended the East High School where he earned a track scholarship to study at the University of Akron. He later traveled to Los Angeles in 1973 with the Revelation Funk band for the Dolemite movie performance.

The other band members retired back to Ohio when they were done but, James stayed back in Los Angeles to work in an R&B club as a solo performer. He was also a keyboardist for Ray Charles.

James died on 29 January, 2019 from brain cancer in Los Angeles. He was 66 years old at the time of his demise. He was married to Debbie Robinson in 1975 and they had six children. Not much is known about James’ family because he lived a very private life.

The Entertainment Life of James Ingram

James had fourteen nominations for Grammy awards but he won just two. They are; Best Male R&B Vocal Performace in 1982 for the music One Hundred Ways and, Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals in 1985 for the Ya Mo Be There song. 

James acted in the movie 3D House of Beef Sketch as himself in 1981, The Fearless Four as Buster (English Version) in 1997, and the Motherload episode of the film Surborgatory as Himslef in 2012.

He released five albums altogether under the Quest/Warner Bros and Intering label. The first is the ‘It’s Your Night’ album which he released in 1988, followed by the ‘Never Felt so Good’ album in 1986, he then released ‘It’s Real’ in 1989, ‘Always You’ followed in 1993, and finally the ‘Stand’ album released in 2008.

James’ first debut was in 1981 when he sang in the Just Once and One Hundred Ways music of The Dude album by Quincy Jones. He then made an appearance as a guest on the and ‘Just It’ which was aired on NBC.

His music ‘I Don’t Have The Heart scored No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He had worked with prominent artists like Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers, Donna Summer, Viktor Lazlo, Grammy award winner Ray Charles, Kim Carnes, and Nancy Wilson.

He worked with the late Michael Jackson on the hit P.Y.T which revealed his songwriting gift to a large extent. He then recorded ‘Baby, Come to Me’ and ‘How Do You Keep the Music Playing’ hits with Patti Austin. His firm kept growing rapidly after he earned an Oscar award nomination for the duet.

A few months later, he was signed into Quincy Jones’ Quest Records which led to the release of his single ‘It’s Your Night’. This album was more like a door opener for James as he sold more than one million copies and also bagged more nominations.

James made an appearance on the hit ballad ‘The Secret Garden’ followed by the release of his fourth album in 1993. He further wrote and performed duets and singles, numerous soundtracks in the 90’s. 2008 was his last album release year.

He also duetted ‘Somewhere Out There’ with Ronstadt which was used in the ‘An American Tail’ animated movie. He was a Co-writer with Quincy Jones and Roy Gaines in the ‘Don’t Make Me No Never Mind’ hit and ‘The Color Purple. He also did a duet in Beethoven’s 2nd ‘The Day I Fall in Love’ music with Dolly Parton.

He co-wrote Kanye West’s song ‘Good Life’ in 2007. The song won the Best Rap Song Grammy award. He was also a great television presenter, he featured in the Celebrity Duets television series as a duet partner in 2004.

James had not made any release in a long while before his demise, but he was actively involved in live performances as well as regular tours around the USA and other countries of the world. His brother, Philip Ingram involved in the entertainment industry.

He acquired a 3250-square-foot home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles for $268,000 in 1982.  Later in 2016, he sold it out at $1.6.Although James Ingram is greatly missed by his fans worldwide, his music is still fresh in the hearts of those whole loved what he did with his voice as a singer. 


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