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What Is Danny Wegman Net Worth ? Danny Wegman’s total assets is summarized to be around $4 billion as of August 2023. He held the 77th wealthiest position on the Forbes family list and assessment as at 2014.

Though, worthy of note is, claims are – this is the family’s complete total assets. The Wegmans family is one of the most comfortable citizens in the United State.

The organization’s deals had expanded decisively since, and had hoped to make $10.8 million more as of 2020.

Danny Wegman is given accolades for the development of Wegmans Food Markets Inc. As an effective finance manager who has been on the pulse of various projects and activities to areas of strength for benefit programs. His organization has in turn invested in lives by making the choice to give $130 million in grants.

Ever wondered about a character and how they amassed so much wealth and financial freedom in their lifetime? If your curiosity is as deep as mine, then watch out for this character “Danny Wegman”. Rings a bell? Right, Danny! So, What do you know about this business mogul? We have compiled just the data you need to learn a thing or two new information about him and to hope his success inspires you.

Who is Danny Wegman ?

Danny Wegman is known today in the United States as a notable finance manager. He is presently, the executive manager and CEO of Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Situated in Rochester, NY, United States. It is a popular and trusted confidential American supermarket chain with 106 branches scattered over the nation.

Danny had previously served the company in different respects.

His organization was named truly outstanding in a worker fulfillment study.His company was named one of the best in an employee satisfaction survey.

Danny Wegman’s Biography

Danny Wegman officially known with his full name as Daniel Robert Wegman was born on March 6, 1947, to parents Mary Elizabeth Wegman(mother) and Sir Robert Bernard Wegman(father) and is lovingly referred to as “Danny” by his grandfather “Walter Wegman” who is also the pioneer vision of Wegman’s Foods. Danny is at the time of this writing 76 years old. He is about 1.8m tall, and weighs 75kg at around 2022.

Birth and Education

He was born by mother at the hospital in Rochester city, New York, United States.

Wegman had a high school education and at graduating moved on with an admission into Harvard, a course he studied and graduated with an Honors degree from the University.


Right after high school, Danny Wegman had secured a position as store manager in the organization in the year 1969, the same year he graduated with honors from Harvard University, certifying a four years training.

Danny expressed in a conversation that he began working prior to moving on from school. Which had boosted his desire to work and venture into business. He had worked tenaciously with his dad to grow and expand Wegmans Food Markets, an organization he became president of in 1976, and was named CEO in 2005.


Danny Wegman is married to Paula Kerr Jarrett, which is his latest marriage. She is a financial specialist and the couple wedded in 2019. His two daughters are from previous union (Colleen and Nicole Wegman).

Danny Wegman’s Professional Journey

Danny Wegman’s kick off was at his first position in the Wegman’s company while he was yet an understudy. He worked in the meat division to more deeply understand meat and all it involved to distribute, market etc. It was something he dedicated time religiously to, each mid year.

When he joined Wegmans Food Markets Inc in 1963 as a senior supervisor. He maintained and delivered excellent performance and service on this footing until 1976 where he was made president and eventually named CEO in 2005. He also had passed on control in 2017 to his daughter, Colleen Wegman, who has been president and CEO since 2017; his other daughter, Nicole Wegman, occupies senior vice president.

Danny’s Current Contribution to Wegmans

Danny has been filling in as the organization’s leader in the executives board of Wegmans Food Markets Inc, and Wegmans has grown all through the United States due to Danny’s tireless devotion and contributions.

The Wegmans store headquarters is situated on a huge 132,000 square feet in Rochester. He also has been a Trustee of the University of Rochester beginning sometime in 1995.

Wegman is completely dedicated to Wegmans Food Markets Inc. He has served on several roles in Rochester city and made services an to his community. Danny Wegman is part of the Rochester Business Alliance’s Health Care Task Force.

Danny Wegman Achievements and Awards

Danny Wegman has gotten numerous lofty achievements and Awards, as well as business grants. He earned the GS1 Lifetime Achievement Award at the GS1 General Assembly and Global Leadership Summit. He also earned the debut FMI (Food Marketing Institute) Robert B. Wegman Award. In addition, he was granted the George Eastman Medal by the University of Rochester College.

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