Sharon Marie Tate Polanski Net Worth 2023

Sharon Marie Tate Polanski net worth is estimated to be around 300 thousand dollars as of the time of her demise. Sharon a popular American actress and model, come with us as we get to now more about this great icon who is now late.

Sharon Tate’s Background

Sharon Tate was born on the 24th of January 1943 in Dallas, she was the oldest child of three daughter born to Doris and Paul; a US army officer. She fluently spoke English, Swiss and French. The nature of her father’s job demanded that they move frequently from places to place and, when she was 16 years old, she had already live in 6 different cities.

She attended South Shaver Elementary in Pasadena ,Chief Joseph Junior High School, Texas, Columbia High School in Rich-land, Irvin High School in El Paso, Washington. She finally attended the Vicenza American High School in Italy where she graduated in 1961

In 1959, Sharon Tate began a career in modelling where she joined beauty pageants, there she won the Miss Richland tittle in Washington. This made her famous in her Verona (her locality) at Italy when moved with her family because of a photograph publication of herself in a swimsuit on the cover of the military paper Stars and stripes.

Together with her friends from Vicenza American High School, Tate earned a role as an extra in a movie titled Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man. She also served as an extra in the movie Barabbas.

Having returned with her family back to US in 1962, Sharon got a representation role with the agent Harold Gefsky in Los Angeles. This was like a door opener to other ads and television shows which included The Beverly Hillbillies and Mister Ed.

She auditioned for other roles in movies like The sound of music, The Cincinnati Kid which she failed. However, she landed a role in The Sandpiper and Americanization movies.

Sharon Tate Love Life and Career

Sharon dated Phillippe Forquet (a french actor) in 1963, they got engaged but splitted in 1964 due to their career pressures. She met Jay Sebring; a Hollywood hair stylist whom she declined his marriage proposal.

She met director Roman Polanski after filming Eye of the devil (Her first ever major film role was in the 1966 British mystery horror film) in London, their bond got stronger as they kept working together in movies which led to their living together in London.

She further played Odile de Caray, a witch, after which she starred in fearless vampire ( British horror comedy) in 1967. She also starred in Don’t make Waves; a sexual comedy and Valley of the dolls; a big-screen adaptation of the bestselling novel where she played the role of the sexy aspiring actress Jennifer North.

The Wrecking crew was the movie she earned her strong reviews in 1968, the warm reception led her to starring in another comedy; The Thirteen Chairs which was unfortunately her last movie. It was release in1969 posthumously.

Sharon Tate Murder And Net worth

The 8th of August 1969 sure started well for Sharon Tate, little dis she know that it would be her last day on earth. Sharon had a dining with Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowsi, and Abigail Folger at El Coyote Cafe. A dining that was full of merry and laughter.

Unfortunately for the group, they returned home at about 10:30pm in the night, few minutes into the midnight the next day (August 9th) the were all brutally murdered by members of the Manson family cult. Tate’s housekeeper; Winifred Chapman found their lifeless bodies at dawn.

On that same night, Steven Parent had been shot dead right inside his car in the driveway. All the murder victims were stabbed dead gruesomely except Steven. Tate was later buried on the 13th of August in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. 

A month after, the perpetrators of the murder ( the Manson family cult) were arrested on unrelated charges. Their reason for the murder in fairness to them was the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, where Manson’s previous acquaintance Terry Melchior previously lived.

However, Tate’s mother rend her voice and became a vocal advocate for victims’ right in 1980. She employed her profile in sparing public discourse about how the American correction system had failed, campaigning against the parole of every of the Manson family killers.

Tate’s mother died in the early 1980s after which her youngest daughter; Doris Tate too up from where she stopped. She founded the Doris Tate’s Crime Victims Bureau in 1995 which aimed at influencing the crime legislation in the US for the good.

Finally and again, Sharon Tate’s net worth was about 300 thousand dollars at the time of her death.

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