Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa And Their Net Worth 2024

In this article, we reveal the top 10 richest musicians in South Africa for 2024, highlighting their net worth & success secrets. Read who’s topping the charts!

Music is bumpin’ in South Africa! Between all the different cultures and rhythms, the country’s got a super vibrant sound that people are loving locally and globally. 


Talented musicians from SA have figured out how to mix traditional African influences into modern genres and create something fresh that fans all around the world are into.


As South African artists get bigger on the international stage thanks to new tech and streaming, many are also growing their business hustle. Using their fame to chase opportunities, invest cash and give back, today’s hitmakers also know how to handle their money and brand.


In 2024, some musicians are rising up as money makers and culture movers. We’re looking at 10 of the richest and see how they got there blending artistic skill with business brains. These musicians show that you can win at music both creativity-wise and money-wise.


Top 10 Richest Musicians in South Africa 2024


From South African streets to global fame, the nation’s hottest musicians have mastered music and money. We spotlight the top 10 richest artists in 2024 who blended creative talent with smart business moves to build decades-long careers. 


Their stories show how hustle and vision converts musical gifts into fortunes through records, tours and savvy ventures.

1. Black Coffee – $60 Million

black coffee net worth

Black Coffee sets the bar high in South Africa’s music scene. Born Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, his rise from humble beginnings in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province to internationally renowned DJ status is nothing short of inspirational perseverance meets fortuitous talent.


Initially drawn to music through house and soul infused radio shows, Black Coffee leveraged his innate ability to curate infectious African-inspired deep house beats into a sophisticated sound that would ignite dance floors across the globe. 


Garnering international acclaim and arena tour income, he cemented his financial legacy by diversifying his revenue streams beyond the DJ booth.


Founding Soulistic Music, his own event company and investing in multiple business ventures, Black Coffee has mastered the art of sustaining wealth through innovation. 


Black Coffee net worth estimated to $60 million as of 2024, his position at the apex of South Africa’s music landscape serves as motivation for aspiring artists dreaming of similar success.

2. Steve Hofmeyr – $19 Million

Steve-Hofmeyr net worth

When it comes to popularity and controversy in the Afrikaans music scene, Steve Hofmeyr takes top billing. With a net worth of approximately $19 million built over a career spanning over 30 years, Hofmeyr is among the most recognized stars creating music for Afrikaans audiences.


Diving deep into the Afrikaans musical tradition with his songwriting, Hofmeyr grew a wide fan base that fills concert halls and snatches up his albums as soon as they drop.


Loyal fans have filled his coffers and elevated his cultural influence by consistently showing up both on streaming platforms as well as live shows. However, Hofmeyr has also faced backlash for his outspoken political commentary and inflammatory social media presence from time to time.


Though relationships within the entertainment industry have suffered, he retains devoted listener support helping him retain financial success despite conflicts. For better or worse, Hofmeyr has sustained wealth and relevance as a polarizing figure.

3. Die Antwoord – $10 Million

Die Antwoord net worth

The enigmatic rap-rave duo Die Antwoord, made up of Ninja and Yolandi Visser, have carved out a unique niche in the music game with an estimated $10 million net worth. Their distinctive vibe fusing elements of hip hop, alternative and electronic dance music creates a formula too strange to ignore.


With arresting visual aesthetics laced with social commentary delivered in both English and Afrikaans, Die Antwoord gained international notoriety quickly when their career launched in the late 2000s.


Viral music videos transported diehard fans into the duo’s peculiar world and prime festival spots introduced their defiant artistry to curious new audiences worldwide. 


Continuing to spark intrigue, outrage and memes over a decade into the game, Die Antwoord expanded their brand into merchandise and fine art sales.


As critics debate the line between parody and appropriation in their work, one thing remains certain – Die Antwoord has gotten extremely rich refusing to be boring.

4. DJ Maphorisa – $6 Million

dj maphorisa net worth

DJ Maphorisa, real name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, has played a huge role in cementing South African musical influence across the continent and globally.


With an estimated net worth of $6 million, Maphorisa conveys the pulse of the streets through danceable, soulful house music laced with vintage African elements.


Introducing and collaborating with some of the biggest names in African music both locally and internationally, Maphorisa leaves an indelible mark across everything he touches turning it to chart-topping gold.


His Midas production touch alongside his willingness to mentor up-and-coming talent sustains his relevance.


Moving beyond the status of musician into becoming a cultural tastemaker, Maphorisa also founded the label Blaqboy Music and actively shapes musical trends. 


Maphorisa’s relentless work rate and desire to put African music on the map drives his continued success. Audiences can’t get enough of his accessible, upbeat Afro-house formula that melds perfectly with almost any artist.

5. Rebecca Malope – $5 Million

Rebecca Malope net worth

Dubbed the “Queen of Gospel” in South Africa, Rebecca Malope has built an estimated $5 million fortune over a prolific career spanning over 30 years.


With one of the most recognizable voices in the gospel scene, Malope lifts praises with power and passion that resonates with audiences seeking inspiration.


Her extensive songbook contains countless classics with over 30 albums, many reaching elite gold and platinum sales status. Smash singles get gospel fans moving in joyful celebration while ballads bring listeners to tears in emotional catharsis.


With over 15 South African Music Award wins acknowledging her vocal excellence, Malope has achieved both critical and commercial success. Emerging as both a resilient hitmaker and a compassionate mentor for up-and-comers, Malope’s influence only continues to grow.


Effortlessly blending Zulu linguistic beauty with global musical trends, Malope confidently leads the future elevation of South African gospel music. Her wealth stands as evidence that faith-based music can also produce financial blessings.

6. Juanita Du Plessis – $5 Million

Juanita Du Plessis net worth

With an angelic voice and lyrics exploring love, faith and the wonders of South Africa, Juanita Du Plessis has etched herself into the hearts of Afrikaans music fans. Currently enjoying an estimated net worth of $5 million, Du Plessis has achieved not only critical success but also commercial rewards in spades.


Du Plessis has mastered the art of songwriting that tugs the heartstrings, sung sublimely in her native Afrikaans tongue. Album after album continues to reach impressive sales volumes, going gold and platinum with ease.


After being named Best Afrikaans Pop Album winner three times at the South African Music Awards, it is undeniable she makes music that speaks profoundly to her audience.


Beyond moving song lyrics, Juanita has also made savvy investments in lifestyle business ventures including fragrances and accessories which widen her revenue streams.


However, it is the beauty she hears and translates into music that will stand the test of time as her greatest gift heard around South Africa and beyond.

7. Benjamin Dube – $5 Million

Benjamin Dube net worth

Reverend Benjamin Dube stands as a pillar of South Africa’s gospel music community with an estimated net worth of $5 million. His baritone voice rings with raw sincerity as he sings forth anthems of healing and salvation.


Equally adept at delivering traditional South African gospel as he is mixing in contemporary styles, Dube’s musical output moves millions by striking a universal chord. His work as a producer and mentor for rising gospel talent ensures his veteran techniques get passed to new generations.


Remaining actively devoted to spiritual leadership in ministry and channeling the transformational power of music, Dube sees art and faith as integrally intertwined. Viewing prosperity as a product of purpose, his wealth is simply a byproduct of following his calling to spread inspiration through song.


With over two decades of hit albums under his belt and his own recording label to his name, Dube has cultivated an empire by staying rooted in servitude.

8. Cassper Nyovest – $3 Million

Cassper Nyovest net worth
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – February 25: Letoya Makhene during Metro Music Awards February 25, 2017 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape)


Hailing from Mahikeng, North West province, rapper and producer Cassper Nyovest embodies the modern hustler spirit. With an estimated net worth of $3 million, Cassper blended undeniable talent with determination and controversy to make his mark on hip hop.


Cassper understood the theatrical nature of rap beef and utilized a high-profile rivalry with rapper AKA to showcase two of the nation’s hottest MCs. While some fans enjoyed the battle of egos, tragedy struck when AKA was assassinated in 2022. In the wake of his passing, Cassper’s brand continues upward mobility.


Major hits like “Mama I Made It” and “Good For That” appeal to old school hip hop heads and commercial audiences alike with Cassper’s versatility. Business moves like his Billiato liquor line and Drip Footwear sneaker company built on his influence showcase his acumen to convert fame into profit and lasting cultural clout.

9. Leon Schuster – $3 Million

Leon Schuster net worth

South African comedian, actor and singer Leon Schuster has built up an estimated $3 million fortune thanks to his willingness to find the funny. Gaining nationwide fame in the 1970s, Schuster has sustained that success for over four decades now as a pioneer in the entertainment industry.


While Schuster’s musical output including over 20 comedy albums largely serves his humorous persona, he has legitimate pipes that make the music work. Fan favorites like “Dra Die Bok” and “Oh Schuks… I’m Gatvol” went gold, carried by his inherent comedic timing and vocal skill.


Transitioning to film allowed Schuster’s profile to grow even more playing humorous lead and supporting roles. However, his work has faced backlash for relying on racial stereotypes to get laughs.


Though an integral part of South Africa’s pop culture history, a reckoning may require Schuster to reassess his comedic style’s place in today’s landscape. Controversy hasn’t slowed his earning power yet.

10. DJ Sbu – Approx $3 million

DJ Sbu net worth
DJ Sbu net worth


DJ Sbu represents the entrepreneurial spirit within South African music. Born Sibusiso Leope, DJ Sbu has transitioned from successful radio personality to hitmaking musician, CEO, speaker and author building an estimated $3 million fortune.


Initially finding fame on youth station YFM, DJ Sbu moved quickly into the recording studio linking up with artists like TKZee on bangers like “Shibobo”. The launch of his energy drink MoFaya in 2016 netted Sbu a lucrative deal from Coca-Cola, amplifying his profile.


Understanding the power of music and branding, DJ Sbu provides guidance to aspiring business owners in South Africa and beyond. With his TS Records label, DJ Sbu creates opportunities for fresh talents while leading by example getting his hands dirty directing music videos and even hopping on the DJ deck himself.


Finally an author and public speaker, he pushes creativity and determination as a pathway to prosperity. DJ Sbu succeeds by constantly evolving the definition of success itself.


Final Thoughts


South Africa boasts a diverse musical landscape filled with creativity and resilience. These 10 musicians have carved their space at the top blending artistic prowess with determination and savvy business moves. Their stories show how innovation can convert passion into prosperity.


The future shines brightly for African music to influence global sounds. Streaming and collaborations continue to introduce South African talent to the world every day. 


South African musicians old and new will continue making worldwide waves if they remember the formula that made today’s stars rich and famous global ambassadors.


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