Who is Pete Hegseth ex-wife Meredith Schwarz?

New chapters are great, that must be why we believe in forward ever. But, even at that, our lives are made up of a number of yesterdays. It is on this note, we intend to shed more light on Pete Hegseth ex-wife, named Meredith. Are you wondering what about her? Well, that there is what we intend to do in this article.

Meredith Schwarz’s profile & bio

Officially referred to as Meredith Schwarz. She was born in 1981 and is currently 42 years (As of 2023). She is an American citizen, having being born in the United States to parents whose names are unshared.

Meredith’s physical measurements stands at Height 6 feet and Weight 79 kg, with hazel eyes and dark brown, hair color. She has a Caucasian ethnicity. Meredith Schwarz’s education She attended Columbia University.

Her Education details include an art discipline at the College Columbia University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Restaurant Management which made her a Restauranteur by profession. In August 2015, Schwarz joined Encore Consumer Capital as vice president and operating executive. She has also worked as Chief Financial Officer at Minnesota Birth Control. Apparently, pete ex-wife is a career woman that met with opportunity that shot her to notoriety following her marriage to Hegseth.

Who is Pete Hegseth’s ex-wife?

Meredith Schwarz is Pete Hegseth’s ex-wife. She is a divorcee and is not currently remarried, yet she is quite famous as an American celebrity and a strong personality on the internet. She rose to fame through her marriage to Pete Hegseth, her ex-husband.

They dated for a while and went official in the summer of 2004. Their union did not result in any children. Meredith Schwarz’s and Pete Hegseth divorced after five years when things seemed to have gone south, after Meredith found out her Pete was unfaithful, he had an extramarital affair with a female colleague. She decided to file for a divorce in December 2008.

Pete on his part is officially referred to as Pete Brian Hegseth, he was born on June 6, 1980, in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Pete, is a renowned American author who has worked in varying high capacities, such as a contributor for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. He is an American television host, he works for Fox News channel as a contributor and co-host of the Fox & Friends Weekend, and has held a Combat Infantryman’s Badge, two Bronze Stars when he was in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as also served as a guard at Guantanamo Bay. You can say he is multifaceted.

From 2007 to 2010, Pete precisely worked as an executive director at Vets for Freedom, which was a political advocacy group. He is also a fine author with his famous book, “In the Arena” and has also written several other editorials for The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, and New York Post.

Is Pete Hegseth’s Remarried?

Pete had moved on with his love life after his divorce, he had met his current wife Samantha Hegseth through mutual friends, and the two seemed to have had a connection, they fell in love and started dating. Their relationship was solemnized in the spring of 2010 at St. John’s Episcopal Church of Washington, D.C. Samantha Hegseth is an American journalist, she works with Fox News Channel and is usually behind the cameras as the Fox & Friends executive producer, and the brain behind Watters’ World.

Together Pete and Samantha had three sons, named (Gunner, Rex, and Boone.) But shortly after Pete was again accused of having an affair with his coworker, Jennifer Ratchet. Samantha divorced him in September 2017. Pete and Jennifer seemed to have taken their relationship to another height, they got engaged on June 15, 2019, and on August 20, 2019, they settled as husband and wife after their wedding at Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck in New Jersey.

The couple have a daughter together, named “Gweny Hegseth,” born on August 17, 2017. They live as a family in Holmdel, New Jersey, United States, without any other divorce rumours. Jennifer Rauchet works for Fox News.

What is Meredith Schwarz’s net worth?

Meredith’s networth is currently estimated at $250,000. Most of which she amassed from her work in different companies, enabling her to lead a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. As a renowned American restaurateur with a wealth of knowledge in the field, Meredith Schwarz is skilled at igniting friendly competition and satisfaction among her business circle while yet spurring them to support her company’s growth.

Her ex-partner, Pete Hegseth, net worth is estimated around $19 million.

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