Chrissie Hynde daughter arrested at ‘Battle of Hastings’ protest camp after bailiffs cut her free from treehouse

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights of humans in many countries, including the town of Sussex, a town in England. If that is acceptable fact, one would wonder the following ” Is protesting against the law? Why was Natalie Hynde arrested for protesting? Well, that there is what we intend to find out.

Natalie Hynde a young-spirited 28-year old lady’s name, gained popularity after her arrest at ‘Battle of Hastings’ protest camp away from her mom’s spotlight as a musician.

About Natalie’s Adolescence

A little needful expose on our activist. Miss Natalie Ray Hynde was born by “Christie Ellen Hynde” her mom, to Ray Davies, an English Musician she Natalie’s mother was in a relationship with at the time, but never ended up together afterwards.

Natalie Hynde had taken up to an active activism career despite multiple arrest over the years to dim her passion.

Natalie Hynde moved to nearby St Leonards-On-Sea the year before her arrest at Battle of hastings protest, and there she had joined the protestors at Combe Haven Valley.

Moving on, Natalie did not deter in her activism career, one that again caused her another arrest. How did it happen you may wonder?

Natalie Hynde’s involvement in ‘Battle of Hastings’ protest

Natalie is a passionate activist and believes in contributing a quota by giving a piece of her mind and showing strong convictions to what she perceives as injustice. Which is exactly what she had hoped to achieve being among one of fifty activists protesting against a new road in East Sussex.

Natalie endured inconvenience posed by blizzards, gales of driving rain and winds of 44mph that bothered tree houses. Yet, she chose to spend weeks in a snow-covered treehouse 40ft from the ground and away from her food and provisions, to show her thoughts, solidarity and disapproval to the planned development of a proposed road project in view, by destroying what was seen and had become a beauty spot in the Sussex area.

Developers hads plan on building this road to link Bexhill with Hastings, but with a price that meant concreting over a good portion of ancient forests and farmland in the process.

Natalie Hynde’s Arrest

The 28-year-old had bolted herself to a branch and was discovered by the bailiffs when they arrived with bolt-cutters, Chrissie Hynde’s daughter was however, freed and lowered to the ground in a plastic body bag. She had been unmoving on her decision to go willingly and

was arrested by the police on arrival for suspicion of trespassing, and obstruction of a high court order.

Natalie Hynde’s Thoughts after her Arrest

Miss Hynde, whose mother is the lead singer of a band called “the Pretenders” was asked on what she thought her mother would think of her actions. She said her decision to join the protest group was in fact and partially by her mom’s ‘inspiration’. Who was arrested for protesting about animal rights in 2000, outside a New York branch of the Gap clothing chain.

Miss Hynde’s ascertained that her 61-year-old mother was ‘delighted’ to see her take a stand.

In her words, “‘She’s my mother, so of course she’s anxious about my health and worried that I’m keeping warm enough,’ ‘She’s concerned about things like pneumonia, because it is bitterly cold. But she’s confident that I know what I’m doing and sensible. She knows that we all take very good precautions to make sure we stay healthy. She’s been a great influence on me, and one of the reasons we are so opposed to this road is because of the impact it will have on animals in the area.’

Gabriel Carlyle one of the protesters in group Combe Haven Defenders, had further affirmed by saying ‘I’m sure Natalie’s mother will be very proud of her.

Miss Hynde had went on to add that “This is a wildlife haven and the road will destroy much of that. My main concern is climate change and the increased damage this will do to the planet by increasing emissions.’

Imparts of Natalie Hynde’s Arrest

In addition, Mr Carlisle, 38, of St Leonards-On-Sea, had said that ‘Some of the protesters were so cold that they couldn’t physically climb down by themselves. They had to be winched down.’

Natalie was part of the protest group who endured terrible weather conditions. She was given a medical check-up on arrest.

Many of those who took part in the protest are in their 50s and 60s and had made a stand witg activism rather than retirement.

Though, six protesters were still suspected to be attached to trees in the woods. While, campaigners insist that 26 protesters have been arrested since they set up camp on December 14.

From what we gather from Hynde’s story, as much as community development is a great way to grow places. It is important that authorities reach a common ground with the grassroots citizens mostly affected by their decisions, before imposing certain stands, afterall that’s the bedrock of democracy “a government for the people”.

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