Emiru Mentioned That She Granted Dyrus A Second Opportunity In Their Relationship.

“It takes two to tango” is a popular quote many agree with. This might just be the case of Emiru and Dyrus relationship. Again, we all can agree, being in any relationship at all, both intimate and business, require the two parties involved to be on the same page.

Since a boat cannot sail in opposite directions, those on board need to be headed in the same direction. But, no relationship is perfect and hence there is bound to be misunderstandings. This is the fate of Emiru and Dyrus, with the former stating that she gave her partner a second chance. What happened between them? Do you think Dyrus deserved a second chance?

Who is Dyrus?

The former professional League of Legends player named Dyrus, had been caught in a love-net with Emiru, a co-player. Their relationship had begun in june, but got official as a fiancee in December 2016 with a photo on Instagram, translating four years down the line. Of course as expected, their fans in the gaming and streaming communities thought they were just the “‘ideal couple’.

More about Dyrus-Emiru’s Ship

The Twitch broadcast duo have been together since then, and have supported each other through every hurdle in their lives. With a streaming couple on your radar, doing obvious things such as playing video games together, was a common sight, they also ensured promoting each other on their individual pages and of course share cute photos of themselves on the gram and other social platforms. But, was their real life as fantastic? Will there be able to work out their differences?

Dyrus and Emily near Breakup

Relationships are bittersweet, roses and thorns, it is left for both partners to decide what is best for them, letting-go or a second-chance? Dyrus and Emiru had had their share of the tide of commitment and were on the verge of giving up.

Dyrus had brought to light a fraction of what transpired behind the scenes to Twitter on May 1, 2020 where he revealed what was going on between him and Emiru his girlfriend. The tweet said he wanted to be open about his relationship, and further admitted to fans that he had hurt his fiancée emotionally and psychologically and that they just may breakup.

How Fans took the Revelation

The revelation from the endearing “ideal couple” seemed to had frustrate every meaning of the word in the ears of fans. Coupled with their wide connections, great live streams etc. Which equally, had potentials to affect their decision when lots of their followers learnt about a possibility of split lurking around their favorite gaming couple in 2020. We all know how fans can be, and how their reactions can tempt celebrities to do what they originally wouldn’t especially when viewed as a power couple. But, this seem to have been different for Emiru and Dyrus.

What Emiru had to say

Emiru, Dyrus’s girlfriend is a costume designer and a wild lover of video games. So much so that in a 2019 tweet, she revealed that she once had to break up with her high school boyfriend after he made her choose between him and League of Legends. She had simply put the game in front of him and continued playing.

Emiru had also prior to the break up expressed her romantic side. She had taken to Twitter on Valentine’s Day in 2017 via a post of some beautiful photos of herself and Dyrus. With them embedded to the a touching expression of gratitude to her husband for his constant love and support for her.

Though, Emiru hadn’t publicly said anything concrete in response to Dyrus. Dyrus tells his fans that, though he had badly hurt Emiru, she had given him a second chance, their relationship a second chance. Dyrus continued his statement by saying that he is also looking into rehab, and further begged for forgiveness, apologized to everyone and emphasized that he shouldn’t have posted the tweet from April and it has since been deleted.

In his words “But now she’s giving me another chance and I’m going to consult. I’m sorry for making everyone worry about me. I shouldn’t have tweeted about it. — Marcus Dyrus (@Dyrus”

How Fans see the ideal couple’s second-chance

Twitch stream fans showed excitement watching their favorite couple play a game together, and so are we. Every one deserves a second-chance and we hope the cute power couple Dyrus and Emiru will have an even more beautiful healthy relationship, going forward.

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