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Mark Laita, a figure with an excellent record in filmmaking and photography. This is an article to shade more light on this intriguing personality. If you were asked, how much do you know about Mr. Laita, will your response tick our boxes? Well, here is an article we’ve put together just for that. Bringing a little more than the basic biography of most well-established men to light.

Mark Laita’s Birth and Early Life

Mark Laita was born in 1960, though he hasn’t disclosed his parents. Notwithstanding, Mark, grew up in the city of Detroit, in Chicago. Though, his media handle says his relationship with his parents are cordial. His American, and his physical body measurements stands at 5′ 7″ tall. He weighs about 55 kg and has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Mark Laita’s Career

Mark had always had a passion for the lens, he developed this passion since childhood and it grew sttonger as he turned a teenager, from the age of fifteen. This passion for knowledge and drive to understand the intricacies of good photography and imagery production led him to study at Columbia College, where he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois/Chicago.

Mark Laita is currently 61 years old and famous for a ton of successful projects and career life. As a teenager, he made a photographed series portraits of Chicago’s homeless. Thirty years later, he developed the same sequence with minimal maturity and extension, which compiled the book “Created Equal” (2010). As the years passed, his photography skills got better, and sealed him deals with major firms such as Apple Inc., Van Cleef & Arpels Adidas, BMW, Estee Lauder, Budweiser, IBM, and much more.

Mark’s work have been displayed over the years, in several exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Mark Laita is both based in Los Angeles and New York and is popular in both places as a photographer.

This renowned photography character has a YouTube channel, where he exhibits his expertise and works in the field. He had called his channel “the Soft White Underbelly*. Mark got the name from Winston Churchill, who referred to Italy as the “soft white underbelly” of Europe during WWII.

His contents are rich, educative and insightful plus they do justice to the Channel’s title. Mark’s interviews gives enlightenment as well as a voice and a face to places and people that are unknown, forgotten and unlisted members of society who have a story to tell. Particularly about a part of the United States that is less remembered. His channel has over 504K subscribers and over 46.8 million views as of February 22nd, 2020.

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