Lena Olin Net Worth 2023

What is Lena Olin net worth? As of 2023, Lena Olin’s Net worth is approximately 5 million dollars. Lena Olin is a prominent actress who has gained worldwide recognition due to her excellent acting.

She performed in movies like; The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Enemies, A Love Story, After the Rehearsal, Havana, Romeo is Bleeding, etc. We will have an in-depth look at these movies and many more in this article, do read through.

Lena’s Early Days And Marriage

Lena was born on the 22nd of March 1955 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was the youngest of the three children of actors Britta Holmberg and Stig Olin. She attended Sweden’s National Academy of Dramatic where she studied acting from 1976 to 1079; making that three years.

Olin further gained a scholarship to Lee Strasberg Institue, New York where she acquired the techniques and acting methodologies. Before beginning a career in acting, she had earned the Miss Scandinavia, Finland Crown in 1974 (at 19 years old). 

She further worked as a substitute teacher and a hospital nurse. She was mentored in acting by filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and she made her screen debut with a minor role in the movie Face to Face in 1976. She is still actively acting.

Having been an established actress, She fell in love with actor Orjan Ramberg and had a son (August) for him. She got married to a Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallstrom, the union was blessed with a girl child (Tora) whom they live together with in Bedford, New York. 

Olin’s Journey To Stardom

Although Olin began acting in 1976, she rose to prominence in 1980 following the film After the Rehearsal which was produced by Ingmar Bergman. She then had another breakthrough from Michael Radford’s film (The Postman).

She was then open for more recommendations and movie roles which kept her career going and she was enjoying global recognition and accolades. Movies like Queen of the Damned, Chocolat, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being are part of her very famous film projects.

A breakdown of Olin’s casted Movies;

  • Face to Face as a Shop assistant in 1976
  • Friaren Som Inte Ville Gifta Sig as Gypsy woman in 1977
  •   Taboo as Uncredited Girl in 1977
  •   Adventures of Picasso as Dolores in 1978
  •   Love as Lena in 1980  
  • Som ni Behagar in 1982
  •   Gräsänklingar as Nina in 1982  
  • Fanny and Alexander as Rosa of the Ekdarl house in 1982
  •   After the Rehearsal as older Anna Egerman in 1983 
  • Wallenberg; A Hero’s Story as Marta in 1985 
  • Glasmästarna as Lady with dog in 1986 
  • Flight North as Karen in 1986 
  • A Matter of Life and Death as Nadja Melander in 1986 
  • Komedianter as Ann in 1987 
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being as Sabina in 1988
  •   Friends as Sue in 1988 
  • S/Y Glädjen as Annika Larsson in 1989 
  • Enemies, A Love Story as Masha in 1989 
  • Hebriana as Lena in 1990
  •   Harvana as Bobby Duran in 1990 
  • Romeo is Bleeding as Mona Dermakov in 1993
  •   Mr. Jones as Dr. Elizabeth in 1993 
  • The Night and the Moment as The Marquise in 1995
  •   Nightfalls on Manhattan as Peggy Lindstrom in 1996 
  • Polish Wedding as Jadzia in 1998 
  • Hamilton as Tessie in 1999 
  • Mystery Man as DR. Anabel Leek in 1999 
  • The Ninth Gate as Liana Telfer in 1999
  •   Chocolat as Josephine Muscat in 2000 
  • Ignition as Judge Faith Mattis in 2001 
  • Queen of the Damned as Maharet in 2002 
  • Darkness as Maria in 2002
  •   The United States of Leland as Marybeth Fitzgerald in 2003
  •   Hollywood Homicide as Ruby in 2003 
  • Casanova as Andrea in 2005
  •   BangBang Orangutang as Nina 2005 
  • Awake as Lilith Beresford in 2007 
  • The Reader as Rose Mather in 2008
  •   Remeber Me as Diane Hirshe in 2010
  •   The Hypnotist as Simone Bark in 2012
  •   The Devil You now as Katherine Vale in 2013
  •   Night Train to Lisborn as Older Elstafiana in 2013
  •   Maya Dadel as Maya Dadel in 2017 
  • The Artiste Wife as Claire Smythson in 2019
  •   Adam as Yevgeina in 2020  Hilma as Hilma in 2022 
  • One Life as Grete Winston in 2023

Olin’s Television Appearance;

  • Hamilton as Tessie in 2001 
  • Alias as Irina Derevo in 2002-2006 
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Ingrid Block in 2010 
  • Welcome to Sweden as Viveka Borjesson in 2014-215 
  • Vynil as Mrs. Fineman in 2016 
  • Riviera as Irina Atman in 2017-2020 
  • Mindhunter as Annaliese Stilman in 2017 
  • Hunters as Eva Braun-Hitler in 2020-2023

As earlier said, Olin is still very active in her acting career and may not retire soon, how ever she is happily living with her family as she pursue her acting career.

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