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Derek Jeter

What is Derek Jeter’s Net Worth Annually?

After his illustrious 20yrs sports career with the New York Yankees, Derek had generated a great future for himself , with carefully investing some of his income he was able to create more wealth for himself. Below are a breakdown of estimated Derek Jeter net worth

Derek’s total  Net Worth In 2017 – $151 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2018 – $162 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2019 – $178 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2020 – $192 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2021 – $207 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2022 – $201 million

Derek’s total Net Worth In 2023 – $220 million

Jeter was an American former professional baseball shortstop, business tycoon and baseball official. He was born June 26, 1974.

As a baseball player Derek spends the whole of his baseball career with the famous New York Yankees.  Derek became part of the baseball Hall of Fame after he was elected In 2020.Derek was the co-owner and chief executive officer (CEO) of the baseball league’s Miami Marlins between September 2017 to February 2022.

He won the world series championship five times with the Yankees, Derek is considered as a central contributor to the Franchise’s dynasty during the late 1990s and early 2000s for his incredible hitting, base-running, fielding and leadership.

Derek Jeter holds the record of the Yankees all time career stats having reached 3,465 hits, 544 doubles, 2,747 game played, 358 stolen bases, times on Base 4,716, 12,602 plate appearances and 11,195 at bats.

In the history of MLB Derek was the 28th player to  reach 3,000 hits and ended his career as the sixth player in MLB history in career hits and first among the shortstops.

To honor this great achievement of Derek Jeter, his former Baseball club the Yankees retired his Jersey number (2) in 2017.

The Yankees scouted Derek during his high school days in 1992, Derek went on to make his first appearance for the baseball club at age 20 in 1995. The following year after his debut year, he became the starting shortstop for the Yankees.

Derek during his career at The Yankees has helped the team in one way or the other to achieve their goal. He was the team captain from 2003 to 2014 when he retired. He also contributed greatly towards the Yankees franchise success.

Who is Derek Jeter wife

Derek Jeter has been officially married to Hannah Jeter since 2016.

Hannah Jeter was born in May, 5 1990, she is a professional model and television personale, who is famous for her appearance in the sports illustrated swimsuit issues.

She grew up in Saint Thomas, in the US Virgin islands. Hannah is the youngest child of Deborah and conn Davis.

In a recent interview Hannah Davies stated that the best part of growing up in the Virgin islands is the friendly people , nice weather and waking up to the roaring of the beach.

Who are Derek Jeter’s parents?

Derek Jeter is the first son and child of his parents, his parents are Sanderson Charles (father) and Dorothy Jeter (mother).

Derek’s father is a well known substance Abuse counselor and his mother a certified accountant who  has worked with top banks during her career.

Sharlee Jeter is the only Derek Jeter sibling.

Who are Derek Jeter Children

Derek Jeter and Hannah Jeter’s marriage has been blessed with three daughters named River Rose Jeter, Story Grey Jeter and Bella Raine Jeter.

Derek Jeter breakdown of career Earnings

During his 20 yrs career voyage, Derek has earned about $265 million.

Derek Jeter estimated yearly or annual income is $16 million, which will keep growing as his investments start paying off.Here is how Derek Jeter earnings look like in the last 7 years.

Derek’s  Earnings in 2015 – $10 million

Derek’s  Earnings  in 2016 – $12 million

Derek’s  Earnings in in 2017 – $15 million

Derek’s  Earnings in 2018 – $14 million

Derek’s  Earnings in 2019 – $12.5 million

Derek’s  Earnings in 2020 – $15 million

Derek’s  Earnings in 2021 – $15 million Derek’s  Earnings in  2022 – $16 million


Derek Jeter Awards & Achievements catalog

After an illustrious 20 years sports career in MLB, Derek has not only made fortune for himself he has also been elected and awarded for his Excellence in sports, he helped his team to win a lot of trophies down the lane. Derek Jeter is one of the favorite players during his Yankees days.

His talent,skills and work ethics is legendary, he is always proud for his achievement over the years.

Here is a catalog of Derek Jeter’s award and achievement.

Derek won the Best Major league ESPY award in 2007.

Derek won the Hank Aaron Award in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

Derek was awarded the icon Award by ESPY in 2015.

In 2002 Derek won the famous ESPY Award for the Best play after he was nominated by the board. He also won the Baseball America Rookie of the year Award in 1996.

With all his sporting achievement over the years, he was awarded the sports illustrated sportsperson in 2009.

Early this year Jeter returned to New York, his fans believe that he will continue to help the Yankees to grab some trophies in no distant time.


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