Juanes Net Worth 2023, Family, Biography, Grammy Awards

What is Juanes Net Worth ? Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez who is popularly known as Juanes is a Columbian musician whose net worth is estimated to be 30 million dollars. Juanes has won over 20 Grammy awards over the years.

After leaving the Ekhymosis band in 1997, Juanes began his own unique solo career. He did songs like Loco de Amor, Fijate Bien, Vida Cotidiana, Mi Sangre, etc. This was indeed a great step to have taken as he became more popular through his solo projects.

Juanes Family, Academic, and Marital Background

Juanes’ was born on the 9th of August, 1972 in Carolina del Principe, Antioquia, Columbia. Having a father and brother who were instrumentalists, Joanes knew how to play the keyboard from age seven.

There is really no record of his mother and his academics because of the time in which Juanes grew up. It was indeed a rough period in Medellin because it was during the reign of drug lord Pablo Escobar (when drug deals were on the increase).

It was at this time that the city had its highest homicide record so far. He also witnessed a civil war at the time of his childhood. Hundreds of the citizens lost their lives in the war, he lost his best friend, and one of his cousins to kidnappers who later killed him.

As Juanes was still grieving the death of his cousin and his friend, his dad who had been diagnosed with cancer died too. It was such a great loss for Juanes that he took solace and comforted himself through music, and eventually went fully into music.

All through his musical journey, Juanes has sung with the following bands; Ekhymosis, Agony, Pico Rivera, CA, United States, Miami, FL, United States, La Camisa Negra, A Dios le Pido, Para Tu Amor

Juanes later got married to actress and model Karen Martinez in 2004. The two met during the shooting of his Podemos Hacernos Dano music video. They separated in 2007 but got back together eventually. The couple has three children in persons of Luna, Paloma, and Dante.

Juanes acquired a 7000 square-foot mansion in Key Biscayne Florida for 2.36 million dollars. Having bought the mansion in 2004, Juanes’ home is currently estimated to be worth between 10 to 12 million dollars.

Being a very outspoken person, Juanes is an advocate for peace and equality in Columbia. He started the Mi Sangre Foundation which was with the aim of helping victims of anti-personnel mines. He also became a Goodwill Ambassador for the non-profit organization United for Columbia.

Juanes made an awareness of the dangers of using landmines around the world during his performance at the European Parliament in 2006. He further held a concert beneficiary to children who were mine injury victims.

By way of gratitude towards Juanes’ great gestures towards people, a recreational park in Medellin which was initially designed for the handicapped was named after him. He continuously held peace concerts in Havana, Cuba.

Juanes’ Songs That Aimed Him Grammy Awards

  • Juanes; Best New Artist in 2001
  • Fijate Bien; Best Rock Solo Vocal Album Award and Best Rock Song Award in 2001
  • A Dios Le Pido; Best Song Song Award in 2002
  • Un Dia Normal; Best Rock Solo Vocal Album Award and Album of the Year Award in 2003
  • Es Por Ti; Song of the Year Award and Record of the Year Award in 2003
  • Mala Gente; Best Rock Song Award in 2003
  • Mi Sangre; Best Rock Solo Vocal Album Award in 2005
  • Volverta a Ver; Best Short Form Music Video Award in 2005
  • Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amur; Best Rock Song Award in 2005
  • La Vida Es Un Ratico; Best Male Pop Vocal Album Award and Album of the Year Award in 2008
  • Me Enamora; Record of the Year Award, Song of the Year Award, and Best Short Form Music Video Award in 2008
  • Juanes MTV Unplugged; Best Long Form Music Video Award and Album of the Year Award in 2012
  • Loco de Amor; Best Pop/Rock Album Award in 2014
  • Loco de Amor (La Historia); Best Long Form Music Video Award in 2015
  • Mis Planes son Amarte; Best Engineered Album Award and Best Rock/Pop Album Award in 2017
  • Pa Dentro; Best Short Form Music Video Album Award in 2018

Juanes’ Complete Album Compilations with Year of Release

Fíjate Bien released inr 2000

Un Día Normal released in 2002

Mi Sangre released in 2004

La Vida… Es Un Ratico released in 2007

P.A.R.C.E. released in 2010

Loco de Amor released in 2014

Mis Planes Son Amarte released in 2017

Más futuro que pasado released in 2019

Origen released in 2021

Vida Cotidiana released in 2023

The vegetarian musician Juanes currently lives in Key Biscayne, Florida with his loving family whilst still at his music making.

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