Richard Hatch Net Worth, Early Life, Court Cases

What is Richard Hatch net worth? Is Richard dead? Why has he not acted in a long while? To answer these questions, we want to first let you know that Richard Hatch died in 2017, hence the reason he has not featured in any movie these past years. As of the time of his death, his net worth was 200,000 thousand dollars.

Hatch’s Background Summary

Hatch was an American producer, actor, and writer, he was born on the 21st of May 1945 in Santa Monica, California. His parents were Elizabeth (a nurse) and Raymond Hatch (a retired lab technician) who had four other children aside from Richard.

He attended Middletown High School where he graduated in 1979. While in High School, he had strong passion for pole vaulting and hoped to become one some day, his interest in acting was not a deep one because he felt he was too shy to be an actor. 

His Parent divorced when he was 11, and on graduation from High School, he further attended Florida Institute of Technology where he studied Marine Biology and Oceanography. He later joined the U.S. Army in the year 1980, becoming a Cadet at West Point one year later

Having discovered there was no career for him in the military, he left the army in 1985 and got admitted into the National Louis University to study Management and Applied Behavioral Sciences. He furthered his Master’s degree in Providence College where he studied Counselling and Education.

His love for acting became more feasible after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. With this passion, he enrolled in an interpretation course and presented a written article about the late President.

Hatch engaged his High School girlfriend immediately  he had graduated from College, although he made it public in 2000. He got married to Joanne Mansel after he left the Army and the marriage lasted for about 10 years. He then adopted the 7 year old Christopher within this period of his marriage to Joanne.

Hatch started dating tourist Emiliano Cabral after shooting “Survivor”. They got married in 2005 in Nova Scotia. About 14 years, they got divorced. However, he donated his sperm a couple of times at the Virginia Sperm Bank, in fact, two women who used his sperm gave birth to one child each, and he met both children in 2011.

Hatches’s Court Cases

Hatch was convicted for a domestic assault charge by Glenn Boyaknowski in September 2001. In defense, he admitted that the reason for the assault was due to his ex-partner’s trespass on his home. He received a one-year probation sentence.

He again got convicted in 2006 where he spent 51 months in Federal Prison. This was due to attempted tax evasion, he signed a fraudulent tax return because he failed to pay $1M+ in taxes. ( this amount came as a result of his earnings from his ‘Survivor appearance winnings, his rental property and his radio hosting job.

His being under house arrest affected his role in the Heroes vs Villains episode of the Survivor film. Later in 2011, he served an additional nine months, this was because he had not yet amended his 2000 and 2001 tax returns.

Hatch neglected paying property taxes for many years, this led to his Nova Scotia home being included in a public auction in 2013. 

Hatch wrote a couple of novels in the original Battlestar Galactica universe alongside other authors. The novels include;

Armageddon (August 1st, 1997) which he wrote with Christopher Golder

Warhawk (September 1, 1998), written with Christopher Golden

Resurrection (July 1, 2001), written with Stan Timmons

Rebellion July (1, 2002), written with Alan Rogers, 

Paradis (July 1, 2003), written with Brad Linaweaver

Destiny (June 29, 2004), written with Brad Linaweaver

Redemption (November 25, 2005), written with Brad Linaweaver 

He died at age 71 on the 7th of February 2017 following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He was under hospice care in Los Angeles at this time. ‘Diminuendo’ was his last film appearance where he acted as Haskell Edwards. Unfortunately, he could only see the film’s rough cut before his death.

As a way of memorial, a work-in-progress screening was held after Hatch’s death. The movie had its world premiere on the 20th of April 2018 at the Annual Sarasota Film Festival.


In total, Hatch has made appearances in 19 TV series, and a total of 36 film appearances, few of which are;

1975 – Best Friends as  Jesse

1978 – Deadman’s Curve as Jan Berry of Jan and Dean

1988 – Last Platoon as Sgt. Chet Costa

1988 – Party Line as Dan

1989 – Ghetto Blaster as Travis

2001 – Big Shots as Casting Director

2005 – The Rain Makers as Wyatt

2008 – InAlienable as Dr. Eric Norris

2011 – The Little Match Makers as Officer Candy

2012 – Season of Darkness as Dr. Shaker

2016 – The Enchanted Cottage as Mr. Bradshaw

2017 – The Pod as Mike Gibson

2018 – Diminuendo as Haskell Edwards

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