Constance Wu Net Worth 2023 & Early Life, Education, Relationship Status

What is Constance Wu net worth? As of 2019, her net worth was $4M, it grew to $5M in 2020, then increased to $6M in 2021, in 2022 it became $7M and now, it is approximately $8M. If you are interested in know more about Constance Wu, you will have to read through to the end.

Wu’s Early Life, Education and Relationship Status

Constance Wu is an American actress from Taiwan. She was born on the 22nd of March 1982 in Richmond, Virginia to computer programmer ( whose name is not disclosed) and Fang-sheng Wu who is a Virginia Commonwealth University genetics professor. She is the 3rd out of the four daughter of Professor Fang-sheng.

She schooled at Douglas S. Freeman High School where she too part in a six month program which took place at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute of New York. Wu further attended the State University of New York at Purchase where she graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting.

She then resorted to studying Psycholinguistics and getting a graduate degree in Speech Pathology which was interrupted by her ultimate desire to take on her acting career fully. It was after she bagged these degrees that she began to act professionally.

Wu dated actor Ben Hethcoat although the relationship ended in 2018, Wu made a notice online concerning the criticism and harassment coming on her because she date Hethcoat few months after the breakup. Wu had a first child in 2020 with her boyfriend Ryan Kattner who is a frontman of the Man Man band. Wu later announced her second pregnancy on the 21st of February, 2023.

Assets of Constance Wu

Wu has luxurious house/property in Los Angeles, California which she acquired for $1.35M. The house is said to have enchanting features reflecting  Wu’s successes as well as serving a relaxation oasis. She also has numerous cars but the brand is known for privacy sake.

Wu’s Job as Activist

With regards to the Chinese representation in U.S. Media, Wu is an activist with an expression of her support to the introduction of diversity in the film industry. She revealed how she was denied roles in the past because of her race as she hopes that her success will carve more paths for representation in the film industry in U.S from different races.

She also worked hand in hand  with Miry’s List to make provisions for essential kits to immigrants as well as refugee families that just got to the Southern Carlifonia, In an interview with Teen Vogue, she made it clear that is willing to be actively involved in catering for people with the courage to take on an immigrant journey for peace, well-being and safety of their families.

Wu’s Response to Cyberbully

The years 2019 and 2022 was not very good for Wu, in fact, she had taken sometime out to enter psychotherapy because her mental health was threatened by everything that was coming at her those period of of her life.

From the renewal of of the Fresh Off the Boat which led to her dropping out on another project she was handling at the time, it really got to her because she had to forego a project she has so much passion for. This led to ill comments from people after she made the post on her Instagram page.

While she tried getting over the cyberbullies, a Chinese actress sent numerous private chats to Wu telling her she was a blight on the Chinese American community. This was too much to bear, Wu decided to end her life. It was good enough that a friend came into her at the scene and rescued.

It was after then that she abstained from social media and also reduced her acting contracts in order to take care of her mental health. She later made it clear that she was a sexual harassment target of a producer in the Fresh off the Boat film which also made her agitated.

Wu’s Film Appearances

  • Stephanie Daley as Jenn in 2006
  • The Architect as Michelle in 2017
  • Year of the Fish as Lucy in 2007
  • Sound of my Voice as Christine in 2011
  • Watching TV with the Red Chinese as Kimi Hu in 2012
  • Best Friends Forever as Melanie in 2013
  • Tie as Shannon O IN 2013
  • Taylor Manifest as Val in 2013
  • Deadly Revenge as Kym in 2013
  • Electric Slide as Mika Oh in 2014
  • My mother is not a fish in 2013, her part is not known
  • Parallels as Polly in 2015
  • Low Budget Ethnic Movie as Sara in 2015
  • Cow the Legend as Skunk in 2017
  • Nine Minutes as Lilian in 2017
  • The Feels as Andi in 2017
  • All the Creatures were Stirring as Gabby in 2017
  • The Lego Ninjago Movei as the Mayor of Ninjago
  • Crazy Rich Asians as Rachel Chu in 2018
  • Next Gen as Molly in 2018
  • Hustlers as Destiny in 2019
  • Wish Dragon as Mom in 2021
  • I was a simple man as Grace in 2021
  • Jennifer Lopez:Halftime as Herself in 2022
  • Lyle, Lyle Crocodyle as Katie Primm in 2022

Constance Wu’s Awards Won

  • Indie Series award under Best Ensemble-Drama 
  • Asian American Awards under Female Breakout Star of the Year Award
  • 7th Indie Series award under Best Ensemble-Drama 
  • Hollywood Films Award under Best Ensemble
  • 9th Asians Award under Outstanding Achievements in Cinema
  • National Board of Review under Best Acting by an Ensemble

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