Steve-O’s 10 Bizarre Tattoos & Their Meanings

Steve-O’s 10 Bizarre Tattoos & Their Meanings

Steve-O is a fascinatingly real insane individual. This Canadian-English-American star is a stunt performer, tv actor, comic, and animal rights, campaigner. His wild and quirky aptitude is clear in his tattoos. He refers to all of his tattoos as silly and dumb, and he has a devoted displaying space on his official web site. Let’s take a look at Steve-incredibly O’s terrible and humorous tattoos since he is called the “King of Dangerous Tattoos.”

1. ‘Man and Ostrich’ Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Man and Ostrich’ tattoo He has a tattoo on his left arm.

Which means: Steve’s left arm has a spectacular tattoo of a man and an ostrich, which appears to be within the posture of a person banging the chicken, which once more seems to be very silly. Beforehand, Steve-O had a tattoo of a person fucking an toddler,’ which he subsequently had altered by tattoo artists Bam Margera and Kat Von D.

Nevertheless, when executing a stunt, this tattoo of a person and ostrich’ was partially burnt off from the underside. Because of this, he had this tattoo altered to depict a man and an ostrich using a motorcycle.

2. ‘PRISON LOVE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his proper arm, he has the tattoo ‘PRISON LOVE.’

Which means: Steve has a tattoo of a nude man behind bars with the phrases ‘PRISON LOVE’ inscribed on his proper arm.

3. ‘Fats Girl’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Tattoo of ‘Fats Girl’ on the proper aspect of his chest.

Which means: Steve has a humorous tattoo of a top level view of a bag girl sitting on a chair. I’m curious what it means.

4. ‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a ‘Billy Bob’ tattoo on his left shoulder.

Which means: Steve has an odd fascination with copying a number of of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos, subsequently, he had ‘Billy Bob’ tattooed on his left shoulder. Billy Bob was Jolie’s ex-husband, and the actress subsequently had his tattoo erased.

5. ‘Jackass Film’ Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a ‘Jackass Film’ tattoo on the left aspect of his again.

Which means: Steve-O rose to recognition because of the movie ‘Jackass,’ and as a homage to the movie, he had a tattoo of a Jackass film smiling face inked, which was created when Steve was on a transferring truck. Which may have harm.

6. ‘Sonny’s Bar and Grill’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his proper shoulder is a tattoo of Sonny’s Bar and Grill.

Which means: Sonny’s Bar and Grill, New Mexico’s emblem, is tattooed on Steve’s proper shoulder. When the bar closed, Steve had a sword added to his tattoo.

7. ‘I Like to Bone’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his proper arm, he has a tattoo that reads, ‘I like to Bone.’

Which means: Steve has a tattoo on his arm in varied colours of 4 distinct motifs, together with an eye fixed, a coronary heart, Roman II, and a bone, which make up the phrase “I like to bone.”

8. ‘Cross of Saint Peter’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder, he has a tattoo of the ‘Cross of Saint Peter.’

Which means: The Cross of Saint Peter is employed as an anti-Christian image. When Peter was condemned to die, he requested that his cross be turned the other way up as a result of he felt unworthy of being crucified in the identical means as Jesus.

9. ‘Personal Portrait’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his again, he has a tattoo of his personal portrait.

Which means: Who has a tattoo of a larger-than-life self-portrait? Nicely, this man actually does! His entire again is roofed with a lifelike tattoo of his face with two thumbs up. It has Steve’s signature on the backside and the phrases “Yeah buddy, I rock.”

10. ‘Flower’ Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a tattoo of a flower on his left forearm.

Which means: A floral tattoo with the phrases ‘LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LOVE’ is tattooed on Steve-left O’s arm.

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