Who is Marcella Francesca Hetfield? wiki, bio, 5 interesting facts

Marcella Francesca Hetfield

Marcella Francesca Hetfield
Marcella Francesca Hetfield

Marcella Francesca Hetfield born on January 17, 2002, in San Francisco, California, is the daughter of the heavy metal band, Metallica’s frontman, James Hetfield, and his lovely partner and wife, Francesca Tomasi Hetfield.
Marcella is currently 20 years old as of 2022. She is the last born and the youngest child of the Argentinian-born American, Francesca, and her rockstar husband, James Hetfield.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield Birth

Marcella Francesca Hetfield we know was born on January 17, 2002, in San Francisco, California. Information has it that, Marcella has spent some years in her mother’s hometown, Vail, Colorado.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield and family
Marcella Francesca Hetfield and family

We all know how last born are treated from the rest, and Marcella Hetfield is no exception. According to the report, her father said the birth of Marcella has brought unity to their family.

And for that matter, he normally spent time with his family and even withdraw himself from certain activities and hobbies. James often referred to his third child, Marcella as ‘my little angel.’

Marcella Hetfield’s Parents When Did They Meet Each Other?

James Hetfield and wife Tomasi Hetfield
James Hetfield and his wife Tomasi Hetfield

Marcella’s parents, James Hetfield and Francesca Tomasi met each other in the 1990s when Francesca Tomasi was working on a project as a wardrobe manager for Metallica’s tours. They got married on August 1997. Sources revealed they started dating somewhere in 1992. The couple is happily married and has been together for 25 years in marriage.

Is Marcella Hetfield with her parents and siblings?

Marcella is currently living with her family. The couple after their wedding has three children including Marcella. The family has been living in California for decades with occasional vacations in the hometown of Marcella’s mother, Vail.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield Has A Boyfriend?

Marcella does have a boyfriend or at least that someone special. She hasn’t said much about her partner, who goes by the Ig handle, citydogdoctor (real name allegedly, Alex Yelamos). Hetfield though first shared his picture to her Instagram followers on May 24, 2020.

Is Marcella dating Alex Yelamos?

Marcella first time shared the image of her boyfriend, Alex on her Instagram page in May 2020. The fans identify the guy she posted as Yelamos even tho only his back was captured and shown in the post with the caption “dog date”.

Marcella dropped another picture of her Yelamos two months after the first post she made. The second post came on July 26. This time she preferred to show a clear-cut image of Alex Yelamos in her post.

She hasn’t said anything about that to prove if she’s in a relationship, however, the big revelation came on Oct 2020 when Marcella confessed her love for Yelamos.

Alex happened to be celebrating his birthday on that day when Marcella wishes him. In her post, she confesses her love for her boyfriend as she posts a couple of Alex’s pictures alongside a side text that reads “Happy birthday to my favorite person, I love you…”

Marcella Instagram post of her alleged boyfriend
Marcella’s Instagram post of her alleged boyfriend

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The caption alone speaks volumes and Marcella’s fan does not need any explanation before arriving at the point that they both are in a relationship. Though Marcella and Yelamos are yet to reveal when exactly they started dating, Alex never ceases to appear on Marcella’s Instagram posts. When they finally declared their relationship to the public, we will bring that to your notice

Marcella Francesca Hetfield Her Siblings

Francesca and his brother Castor Hetfield
Francesca and his brother Castor Hetfield

Marcella has a brother, Castor Virgil Hetfield, and a sister, Cali Tee Hetfield. They are three in number with Marcella the last born of the family. Castor Virgil Hetfield much like his father is also a singer. He has led his band in Georgia, Bastardane as they release their album in March 2022.

Cali Tee Hetfield is also an artist but the truth is whether she has pursued it as a career is unknown to the public. Cali is 23years old as of 2022 and Castor is 21.

Cali Tee Hetfield, Marcella older sister
Cali Tee Hetfield, Marcella’s older sister

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Marcella Francesca Hetfield Parents’ Net-worth

James James Hetfield has a staggering net worth of over $300 million. He is a super rich artist with assets worth tens of millions of dollars including art collections and acres of properties across the state.

Her Mother, Francesca Tomasi is a millionaire wife. Having married the popular rich star, she will have some monies of her own. Francesca Tomasi is more private regarding her life and wealth. Information has it that, she might have a net worth of at least $100,000.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield Social Media

Marcella is on Instagram as @ cellar.door.415, Tiktok @ cellar.door.415, and YouTube channel is James Hetfield . His father has an Instagram account as @james.hetfield and Twitter as @therealhetfield

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