Lil frosh Earlier Life, career and net worth

Lil frosh Earlier Life, career and net worth.

Lil Frosh whose real name is Sanni Goriola Wasiu, was born on June 13, 1998, in Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up in the Agege area of Lagos, and from a young age, he had a passion for music.

Lil Frosh began his music career in 2019, when he released his first single titled “Firi Yahoo.” The song was a hit, and it quickly gained him a following. He went on to release several other songs, including “Davido,” “Carry Ur Baka,” and “50 Fifty.”

Before his music career, Lil Frosh worked as a street dancer and also did some modeling. He was discovered by Aloma DMW, a friend of Davido, who introduced him to Davido’s record label, DMW. In October 2019, Lil Frosh signed a record deal with DMW, and he was subsequently managed by the label.

Lil Frosh’s rise to fame was relatively quick, and his music has been well received by fans in Nigeria and beyond. However, in 2020, he was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend, which led to his contract being terminated by DMW. The case is still ongoing in court.

What cause lil frosh and his girlfriend fight?

The specific cause of the fight between Lil Frosh and his girlfriend that led to the assault allegations is not entirely clear, as there have been conflicting reports. However, it has been reported that Lil Frosh’s girlfriend, Gift Camille, accused him of physically assaulting and threatening her multiple times during their relationship. There were also reports that Lil Frosh was jealous of Gift Camille’s friendship with other men, which may have contributed to the conflict. The case is still being investigated and the legal proceedings are ongoing.

How many songs have lil frosh released and his net worth.

Lil Frosh released several songs during his music career, and some of his popular tracks include “Firi Yahoo,” “Davido,” “50 Fifty,” and “Kagadaffi.” However, the exact number of songs he released is not available.

As for his net worth, there is no accurate information available on Lil Frosh’s net worth. However, before the allegations of domestic violence, he was doing well in his music career and was signed to a major record label, which suggests that he was earning a decent income from his music.

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