Canada is nicely perched in the north eastern part of the world map and it can be really literally cold out there. A lot of Nigerians are based in Canada for various reasons from tourism, study to visit and business/working. Getting a job in Canada thought isn’t rocket science, it isn’t as easy as some scam artist in the name of agents makes it seem.

Things may be very complicated and frustrated if you don’t have the direct connection with the company.

On this page I will will give you the list of 50 Companies that offer jobs Canada Visa sponsorship plus accomodations and attractive salary In Canada. I’m not affiliated to any company or agent, I’m writing this contents so that people won’t be scam and get frustrated because they want work in Canada permit visa.

I’m in Canada and this list of 50 Companies is well research by me. This companies job offer can’t be found online unless so it make it very easy for my reader’s to get job very quick and easy. I spent more than 2 months to bring the list of this 50 Companies.

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With their very organized structure, and a very flexible and expansive work force, the Canadian labour market is one that has a lot of room for job seekers and when it comes to employing beyond the shores, Canadian firms are one of the most open and welcoming.


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