Katie Maloney Net Worth 2023, Early Life, Biography

What is Katie Maloney net worth? Katie is a popular American actress, waitress, and music supervisor. Her net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars. Being one of the stars of the Vanderpump Rules reality show brought her to stardom and fame.

SUR restaurant (Los Angeles) is owned by Lisa Vanderpump who is one of the Real Housewives. Katie works here as a waitress, and she is believed to earn close to six figures annual salary from tips, because of the lucrative clientele that stops by the restaurant to eat and drink.

Katie’s Early Life and Biography

 Katie was born on the 16th of January 1987 in Par City, Utah. She and her two brothers Rock and Joey ( director and photographer) were born to Teri Noble Maloney and Richard Maloney. She did her early education in Utah but developed a strong passion for acting, hence she relocated to New York at the age of 20 to pursue her acting career.

Although Katie’s intention in Los Angeles was simply to get a job at SUR restaurant and make money, she was able to boast of a net worth of about 30,000 dollars as of then.

Her being a part of the reality show gave her more grounds for the restaurant ( which is popular for not just drama as the food had earned one Michelin star since its establishment) job as she could earn a very significant salary working with specific clientele from Los Angeles

Upon joining Vanderpump Rules in 2013, Katie met Tom Schwarts and they began dating almost immediately. They got engaged two years later and got married in 2016 in California. Later in 2019, they decided to have a second legal marriage ceremony in Las Vegas.

There were speculations in 2021 that the couple were expecting a baby. Katie later made it known that she was not yet ready for a baby and had opted for abortion surgery to ensure she didn’t have the baby at that time.

The year 2022 took a different turn for the couple as they took to their Instagram page to announce that they had been separated for the last twelve months. Katie went ahead to file for a divorce and it was sealed by October that same year.

They acquired a home in Los Angeles in May 2019 for 1.9 million dollars which they listed for sale at the early stage of their divorce in 2022. They sold the house for 2.6 million dollars. Notwithstanding the divorce and living separately, the former couples still share custody of their dogs.

Not too long after Katie’s divorce from Tom, she began dating actor Satchel Clendenin, it is believed that she also had a cordial relationship with Lukas Gage who was cast in the White Lotus’ film although the relationship was not officially confirmed.

Katie as a Business Woman And Podcaster

Being very industrious, Katie also generated her Pucker & Pout personal business alongside being cast on the TV reality show and a waitress in SUR restaurant. Pucker & Pout is a fashion and design brand. She currently sells her items through the website she manages.

The website is well-kitted with items of all sorts for both beauty and wellness. She lines her own products here which makes it easy for her potential customers to achieve their desired beauty goals.

Having been able to build a significant fan base from her TV show appearances, Katie went ahead to generate a podcast which she tags ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’. On the podcast, she talks about her life as a whole including her fashion industry, her job on the TV reality show, etc.

The podcast poses a strong potential from her fans although it is yet to generate income enough to have an impact on her net worth. It is believed that the podcast keeps growing, and Katie is likely to get to that level.

Katie is active on most social media platforms and has quite a large number of followers. She has a handful of partnerships with brands to encourage her followers on Instagram to purchase their products. 

Katie is also a regular advocate for skin care and routines, she also encourages her fans to pay keen attention to their bodies, invest in their bodies and as well, and maintain a healthy body. She through this means also advertises her own products.

Katie at Vanderpump Rules Reality TV Show

The Vanderpump Rules was created by Bravo, portraying Lisa Vanderpump-owned business. SUR happened to be among the restaurants used in the show with Katie as the central character on the show.

The staff were recorded and followed shift to shift, and content about the influence of personal lives on business was created.

For just an appearance and participation on the TV show, Katie earned 500,000 dollars.

Katie and the other cast who happen to be her good friends are said to have earned around 100,000 dollars until the show grew, turning the cast into household names.

Having taken part in more than ten seasons of the show, Katie has moved from being a mere waitress in the show to having blogger roles in the restaurant.

This gave both her salary and earnings from other shows a great raise. After Katie’s divorce, she has still been working with the Vanderpump organization in different capacities, ten years after her employment there.

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