Discover everything you need to know about James Cannon, the father of Nick Cannon

Life serves us all kinds of dishes, both tasty and sour but interchangeably. In this article about James Cannon, we will be sharing everything you need to know about Nick Cannon father, and his personal journey into adulthood and wealth.

Who Is James Cannon ?

James Cannon is Nick Cannon’s father, and he was only a teenager as at the time Nick was born to him. Somehow, that affected Nick’s childhood. He had a tough start at life, and since James Cannon, his father, had no stable means of income and providing the necessary support to his son, James abandoned his father, which is Nick’s grandfather with the responsibility to nurse and raise him.

Nick’s Childhood

Nick Cannon’s parent, James Cannon and mother (Beth Gardner) did not stay together, as they were both young, James was only 17 years old at the time. He had met Beth on 1 January 1980 at a friend’s house and had been caught by her nubile beauty, the duo interacted for a while and began a relationship, and James received the news that the girl was pregnant, shortly after, precisely, On 17 January 1980.

Though, overwhelmed and confused, James Cannon rose to his responsibility and the child was born, on the 8th of October 1980.

Beth on the other hand, had wanted to do other things with her life. This led to their decision, when Nick was only two months old, to be catered to by his paternal grandparents.

So, Nick Cannon was raised in in Lincoln Park’s Bay Vista Housing Projects by his grandparents and as he grew he got enrolled in Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley where he completed his high school education.

Though, today Beth Gardner, his mother has a career in accounting. She has also appeared with her son at several awards in the past.

Does Nick Cannon have Siblings?

After Nick’s parent went their separate ways, his dad, James Cannon when had a relationship with another woman, and during the course of his life have a total of five children, named Nick Cannon, Gabriel Cannon, Reuben Cannon, Javen Cannon, and Caleb Cannon.

James for some unknown reasons had encouraged his son to have as many children as possible, and Nick seems to have kept the creed.

Nick Cannon had fathered seven children years later, and James his father believed that children were a blessing. So he also didn’t seem to have been bothered by mmm the number of women his son had impregnated. So, in 2021, James could not tell how many grandchildren he had, already from all his kids, especially from Nick his first son. However, today Nick Cannon has a dozen children altogether.

However, James Cannon, Nick’s father had got his act together and earned a living by being a televangelist, after an incident. James Cannon’s had an association with the gang around where he grew up and their involvements sent him to prison. Where, he found God, and repented of his ways. From then on, his walk to becoming an evangelist began. He has also worked at his son’s foundation, Nick Cannon Inc. He is a philanthropist, and is today known as the father of American rapper, actor, and reality TV personality Nick Cannon. Both father and son despite all that transpired between them have a good relationship. James Cannon advises his son Nick to make as much money as he can to support his children.

Nick Cannon’s Career

Nick may have come from a humble beginning but he isn’t there anymore, today his father has seen him become a household name in the United States. James had played his role as a father, even with his numerous flaws but it helped Nick his son, become a stand-up comedian and an entertainer.

James and Nick Cannon’s Net Worth

As of 2023, James Cannon net worth was estimated at about $24 million. While his son, Nick Cannon, was estimated at $50 million. He makes his money through salaries for acting and appearing in reality TV, Album sales Comedy Revenues from streaming and his music Royalties Endorsements which is said to give him an annual salary of $20 million.

James Cannon profile summary

Full name James Cannon

Gender Male

Date of birth 1963

Age 60 (as of 2023)

Place of birth United States

Current residence United States

Nationality American

Ethnicity Black

Religion Christianity

Sexuality Straight

Hair colour White

Eye colour Dark Brown

Father James Cannon Sr.

Marital status Unmarried

Partner Beth Gardner (separated)

Children 5 (Nock)

Profession Author, Televangelist

Rumors and Controversies

As at 2016, Nick Cannon wrote a tribute on his Instagram page to mark the death of his ‘pops.’ But, many people had misunderstood the meaning of his message. Nick had referred the message to his grandfather James Cannon Sr., that passed on in 2016. The man who had raised him through childhood. But James Cannon Jr. is alive till date and even gave an interview in 2021.

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