John lee bottom wiki, career, net worth, wife, and what was the cause of his death?

John Lee Bottom, also known as John Phoenix, was born in the year 1947. His birth month and day are not revealed yet. John Lee Bottom became famous as the father of River Phoenix, a late actor, singer, and Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. John Lee Bottom and his lovely wife form a religious group known as The Children of God.

In this article, you will discover who John Lee Bottom is, his career, family, children what happened to him, and the cause of his death.


John Lee Bottom Biography and Early life

John Lee Bottom was born in the United States of America, in 1947 to Robert Merrill Bottom, his father, and Beulah Ingram, his mother. He grew up in an American city and became famous for being the father to his sons, River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. Although much information has not been revealed about him, it became clear that he was an educated man to have raised his famous son. Nevertheless, it is believed he graduated from high school

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His Career

John Lee Bottom was a well-known celebrity dad, although nothing is known about his professional background, however, his fame came from his children. His son, River Phoenix, a late actor, singer, and Oscar-winning actor alongside his brother, Joaquin Phoenix made his acting debut in the early 1980s television programs. He became noticed after he was featured in a film role which came in 1986 titled, Parenthood and SpaceCamp(1989).

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He performs many roles in the film and entertainment industry. In the early 1990s, he took back his birth name in his supporting roles in the comedy To Die For (1995) and Quills earned him plaudits (1993).

Personal Life

He was a husband and a father. He had a union with Arlyn Phoenix. The pair first met in California, following which they began dating. On September 13, 1969, they were wed. After their wedding, they went on the road as missionaries, spreading the word of “The Children of God” in Mexico, South America, and other American states.

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The loss of their first child.

Rain Phoenix was his eldest child. This name knows as River Phoenix. Jude Phoenix was an actor and musician. He and his younger siblings used to perform singing and dancing on the road for money. John started performing when he was young.
He has appeared in many films and television shows, including Stand by Me, Working in Empty, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Family Ties, and many others.

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When he was about 23 years old, he was fatally shot outside a nightclub “The Viper Room”, around 1 am dawn on October 31, 1993. Information revealed that he had performed at that membership that evening and was shot dead by unknown gunmen.
He couldn’t survive the attack. Others believe that his misuse of drugs has also contributed to his death for some reason we are yet to find out.
His brother Joaquin and sister Rain as well as his fiancé was present at the time the incident took place at the club.


John Lee Bottom and his wife, Arlyn Phoenixwas married for 27 years until they divorced in the year 2015. Nobody knows the reason for their breakup; however, it was believed that their marriage was full of life that none knows could end badly.

Life after divorced

Arlyn Phoenix re-married after her divorce from John Lee Bottom to Jeffrey Weisberg in 2001. John Lee Bottom on the other hand became ill as a result of cancer which he later died from after their divorce. Whether he had a girlfriend before he passed on was not known.

His death and what caused it?
John Lee Bottom was diagnosed with cancer after he divorced his wife. He battled the sickness for a while until he gave up the ghost in the year 2015. He died at the age of 68 years
It was believed that cancer has caused his death.

John Lee Bottom’s Net worth

Celebrity’s father John Lee Bottom net worth is not known however, the estimated net worth of his son Joaquin Phoenix is $50 million.

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