Henry Tadeusz Farrell father shared insights about his elder son’s illness. Here’s a comprehensive overview of his condition.

Henry Tadeusz full name Henry Tadeusz Farrell is the son of Colin Farrell, an Irish actor who began his acting career soon enough and starred in the film The War Zone but rose to prominence when he acted “Tiger Land” in 2000. He has two sons, Henry and James his elder son who is from a previous relationship with Kim Bordenave. But Henry Tadeusz’s mother is the polish actress named Alicjah Bachleda- Curus. Henry was born on October 7th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Henry Tadeusz’s Media Life

Though, the boy is just 13 years old, he is already getting some attention because of his parents. He seemed to have a spark for acting already, probably because his everyday life is mostly surrounded by the entertainment guests that flock around his parents.

Though, his parents aren’t married and their relationship had hit the rocks shortly after his birth, they are jointly concerned about raising their child.

Quick Facts About Henry Tadeusz Farrell

Full Name Henry Tadeusz Farrell

First Name Henry

Middle Name Tadeusz

Last Name Farrell

Date of Birth 2009

Profession Celebrity Kid

Father Name Colin Farrell

Father Profession Irish actor

Mother Name Alicja Bachleda-Curus

Mother Profession Polish actress and singer

Gender Identity Male

Siblings James Padraig Farrell

Is Henry’s father Colin married?

Henry’s father, Colin Farrell is not officially married. But, has previously been in several relationships with women over his life. There was a time he had first gone public with his Romantic relationship with Amelia Warner, an actress, and singer whom he met at the premiere. As a proof of his devotion, he tattooed her moniker Millie on her ring finger as well, but that didn’t help the relationship had only lasted four months. He was also in a relationship with an Irish student named Muireann McDonnell.

Still on Colin’s Love life, there is a lot of rumor and controversy about “Kelly McNamara, a U2 member, wondering if she’s Colin’s wife?

Well, like many celebrities do everything to keep their personal lives out of the media’s spotlight. Colin is has also followed this pathway. He is keeping his relationship private and away from the public. As a result, it’s difficult to conclude what is true state of their relationship maybe, if they’re married, just seeing or even separate. But, Kelly, the lady in question is a member of the U2 band’s personnel, and had been rumoured to date Colins for three years. Though, there are no more information disclosed about them.

What is the name of James and Henry’s mother?

James’ mom Kim Bordenave is a model by profession and is currently married to Jimmy Gamboa. The age difference between the two brothers, James Padraig and his half brother Henry Tadeusz is a six years difference. James was born in September of 2003, and he is twenty years old now. After then, Henry was born.

But what about James? What is his health diagnosis?

Henry Tadeusz Farrell’s father has spoken out about his eldest son’s sickness.

In 2007, Colin Farrell, James father, shared that his son, now 20, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, per People. The disease happens to be a rare neuro-genetic disorder characterized by developmental delays, impaired speech, seizures and impaired balance and usually often misdiagnosed as autism or cerebral palsy due to it’s symptoms.

Every parent of children with social needs can relate to Colin’s experience, the struggles of a James is so delicate and difficult for both him and his family. His special needs can be very devastating to watch as parents may feel helpless but James parents have been offering their 20 year old son all the support he needs, which of course is evident in his being alive and in health till date.

Farrel had said in an interview “I would humbly say to parents of a child with a recent diagnosis of any disorder that while they may well be experiencing the death of one dream, that dream of having a healthy child, there are a thousand dreams and milestones that are yet to reveal themselves,” he said

Since James’ diagnosis, Mr. Farrel had learnt that his son’s illness has no cure yet and he had become an advocate for the disorder, by offering advice to parents like himself who are dealing with similar problems.

Henry Tadeusz Farrell Net worth

Henry Tadeusz is still a child but his father’s net worth is estimated to be at of $80 million. Henry may grow up to inherit some as well as make his own path by delving into a career of his choice and earning from it.

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