Exploring the Married Life of JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko

“Happily ever after” sounds like a fairy tale than a reality most times, yet it is what many crave when they tie the nuptials but is that really the case half of the time? Well, a peak inside JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko Married life may provide just the answer we hope for. These two seem to be an interest to their fans and we are keen to help them get the answer they deserve.

Who JD Harmeyer Is ?

JD Harmeyer officially known as Jamie Daniel Harmeyer is an American radio personality famous for hosting “The Howard Stern Show” which happens to be one of the most popular radio shows in

This radio personality have amassed a number of fans mostly by his signatory laughter and distinctive humorous approach.

JD Harmeyer Biography and Education

Born on 29th December 1979, in Fairborn, Ohio. Harmeyer attended and finished from college with a degree in film and video production.

JD Harmeyer’s Career

JD began working as a lead vehicle producer right after graduation, he handled several projects until he earmed a job at SiriusXM.

The radio personality star sticks with transparency on air when relating to fans about his career on “The Stern Show”, but his private life has been kept as that “private”.

JD Harmeyer’s Love life

Though the public isn’t in on the exact date when JD Harmeyer’s love journey with Tanko began but a co-tadio personality and colleague of Harmeyer’s, Howard Stern, had shared hints of his love life during the show. According to these reports, the couple began dating in 2016, got engaged in February 2017.

JD Harmeyer got married to his girlfriend Jennifer Tanko on August 25, 2018 in a private ceremony in Las Vegas where they walked down the aisle. The ceremony was private, with only immediate family in attendance and totaled about 10 people. His co-stars only sent in best wishes to the couple.

Now his wife, Jennifer Tanko had been and still is a makeup artist from New York. From what we gather, she was born in Virginia, on January 6, 1988, and has lived in both Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Also, asides her makeup career she is also a blogger that creates articles that addresses fitness, fashion, beauty tips, and lifestyle. She has been married to JD Harmeyer for over 4years. Also, her social media accounts have been active with about 15,000 followers where she shares both personal travel pictures and novels among other interests.

JD Harmeyer and Honeymoon in California

Harmeyer and his wife flew to California for their honeymoon in September 2019, nearly a year after their wedding. A ten-day trip in New York, where they explored, beginning at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport. The couple seemed to be two sides of a coin on certain issues, such as physical activities. Jennifer is keen on Crossfit and fitness training while Harmeyer is passive. Tanko is also more outwardly and expressive but Harmeyer seems withdrawn in spite being a media personality. His wife makes vacation photos on social media after a fun day. She gets involved with nature and her surroundings watching jet ski and sunbathing a Californiawhile Harmeyer sits in fully dressed taking in the scenery.

On a surprise turn of events, he enjoyed their trip to Napa, where they made a stop at three wineries, and bought a $100 bottle of red wine, which they thought made a “wonderful” souvenir. He explained that the sculpture will be placed in a small cabinet in their home where they store the bottles of wine.

JD Harmeyer Rumors on divorce

As a bane of being a media personality, t hgt e couple haven’t been seen by fans lately in a long while and many speculations had begun cropping up about their marriage. Some say – the couple had broken up due to having completely different interests in several areas, and some have ran into conclusions that the pair aren’t just “ right” for each other.

To top it off, Jennifer’s Instagram was made private and her Twitter account got deleted at the commencement of their breakup rumors began circulation. Despite all the rumored controversies, the couple has yet to release an official statement confirming or disregarding their fans thoughts.

Since, many things are usually not as it seems it’s best to keep our fingers cross and allow the couple sort this in their own time. Happy endings are not a walk in the park, it takes two willing hearts.

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