Laura Kucera Tragic Story: Full story of her kidnapping and death

Love they say is a beautiful thing, but somehow for Laura Kucera that quote had simply failed her. Bringing her shot at love become an eye-opener to growing thousands of untold similar dreadful stories by many a lovebird. So, What really happened to Laura Kucera? To answer that, you may want to know a bit of our heroine’s biography.

Laura Kucera’s Biography

Born into a family of eight, by parents David Kucera and Mary Kucera on August 17, 1979.

Laura Jean Kucera held from Columbus Platte County, Nebraska, United States.

She had seven siblings, all of which she grew up with. Two sisters (Sabrina and Dorothy) and five brothers (Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick.)

Early Life and Education

As a teenager with the world stretched before her and an excitement to explore Laura attended Wakefield High School, and after graduation was enrolled at Wayne State College. Her education was cut off shortly after due to the subsequent unexpected turn of incident that followed at the course of her life.

Laura Kucera’s Love Life

Like every beautiful nubile young girl, Laura Kucera was struck by cupid’s little arrow in the innocent eyes of a 22 year old Brian Anderson, little did she learn those eyes were not so innocent afterall, right after a misunderstanding that led to their break up.

With reasons that seemed to have threatened her safety around him, Laura had taken the legal steps of placing her ex-boyfriend on a restraining order. This new development in their relationship had clearly not sat right with Brian and so he dished out his own pudding, by abducting the 19 year old girl.

Laura Kucera’s Kidnapping Incident

On the 1st of October, Laura Kucera wouldn’t believe the turn her life would take going forward. She was abducted in Wakefield, Nebraska, at gunpoint.

A horrible incident that led to her being shot twice in the back of her head and once in the shoulder by her ex-boyfriend Brian Anderson, who had further left her for dead in a ditch.

Laura remained there and in an unconscious state for four days, but somewhere along the line, Anderson had a change of mind and directed the police to the scene.

Luckily, on getting there they found her alive and was immediately rushed to the hospital which she was placed and observed under intensive care. Without the need to overemphasize her pain through recovering, she finally found her ability to put her hands into function again after spending 51 days at the Hospital.

Laura was further set on the journey to heal better, when set to therapy to regain walking, but she struggled through it. You may be wondering at this point, what the fate of her abductor and attacker Brian Anderson was?

Well, the young not so innocent Nebraska man was arrested and presented to court in Ponca, Nebraska, in May 1995 where his fate was to be determined. The presiding Judge Maurice J Redmond found him guilty beyond reasonable doubts and he was sentenced to a 125 years in jail. Of course, that wasn’t compensation enough for Laura Kucera whose traumatic life was further cut short in the nearest future. So, if Laura did recover, how did she die?

Laura Kucera’s Tragic Goodbye to Earth

Kucera’s death was cruel and disheartening, and of course touched anyone who learnt about her last few years on earth. Her life was claimed a year after in a road accident, on a visit to her grandmother where her car ran off a gravel road into a ditch and rolled. This tragic incident drew the media’s attention, who found the need to share by converting Laura Kucera’s story into a film, called Only Mine, and that’s how she came into the spotlight.

The movie was added to Netflix’s list. In the movie, Jullie Dillon was cast to play the lead role of Laura. Jullie Dillon’s story is based on the events surrounding the life, kidnapping, and death of Laura Kucera. The film started streaming on Netflix in 2019.

Now you know, murder by lovers are real and common than talked about. With what you now know about Laura Kucera’s story, being a case in point. Would you still say love is beautiful?

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