John Lee Bottom: Unbelievable Truth About The Phoenix Family

Everyone at some point in their lives seem to connect with something that gives them purpose, provokes focus and permeates inner peace within them. That there, is the story of John Phoenix. Who seems to have found that in a Christian Group that emphasizes of love, with a supernatural being.

John Lee Bottom

John Lee Bottom, more popularly known as John Phoenix, the father of renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix and late actor and musician River Phoenix. He and his wife being Christians were members of the religious group called ‘The Children of God for several years. The group is a Christian missionary organization.

Height & Weight

John is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs approximately 50 kg. He has lovely warm brown eyes and brown locks. His body measurements are 36-28-34 inches.

Profile Summary/Wiki

Full Name John Lee Bottom
First Name John
Middle Name Lee
Last Name Bottom
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Robert Merrill Bottom
Mother Name Beulah Ingram
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Date of Birth 1947
Height 5 ft 6 in
Weight 50 Kg
Net worth $50 million

His Married Life And Membership In A Missionary Organization

John Bottom, in the course of life and love, found Arlyn Phoenix his wife in California, where they had met for the first time. The chemistry was both good and mutual, and the pair got married on September 13, 1969. After their marriage, they started their missionaries outreach to Mexico, South America, and several places in the United States, preaching and spreading the message of ‘The Children of God.’

At a point in time, the couple made a name change – Arlyn picked (Jochebeb) and John (Amran) from the Bible. But soon discovered that the groups promoted sex between adults and minors, including an orgy. Also, this wasn’t all, their son River, got sexually assaulted at an early age in that group. John and Arlyn had had four children already born at the time.

They decided to quit the religious cult and returned to the United States with their children. They settled in Winterpark, Florida and made their home there, and also officially changed their surname to Phoenix.

John Phoenix Affair before Marriage to Arlyn

John had an a romantic involvement with a girl that wasn’t Arlyn, before they married. Her name is kept in wraps, they had a child together named Jodean Bottom. His family had only found out about his daughter after years had gone by through a close friend that spilled the information. After they learnt about her, his son River who is six years older tracked her out and assumed full responsibility for her and her daughter.

John Lee Bottom

His eldest son was named Rain Phoenix, and was born in Madras, Oregon on August 23, 1970. He was brought up in abject poverty, and he had four siblings in Micanopy, Florida. To make earns meet, he and his younger siblings used to sing and dance on the street, and this led to his performing at an early age, and was featured in a number of films and television shows, some included “Stand by Me, Running in Empty, Family Ties, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and many more.

On October 31, 1993, he died outside a nightclub called ‘The Viper Room’ at 1 a.m after he had earlier performed at the club. He was just 23, when he died. His death was said to have been as a result of excessive usage of heroin and cocaine. His fiancée, Samantha, Joaquin, his brother and his sister Rain were all there at the moment of his death.

Rain Phoenix, is an actress and singer. She was born in Texas, United States on November 21, 1972, She is starred in a number of films, such as ‘Amazing Stories,’ ‘Low Down,’ ‘Forever,’ and ‘Violet,’ to list a few. Joaquin Phoenix was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 28, 1974, and
is a successful actor and producer, best known for his works in the films ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Joker.’

Divorced with Arlyn

Arlyn and John’s union was all lovely and solid, way past the initial stage but may have experienced some rocky moments that led to their divorce down the line. In 1997, the couple splitted after having been married for 27 years. The cause for the divorce hasn’t been exactly stated to the public. In 2001, his ex-wife, Arlyn, remarried. Her husband’s name is Jeffrey Weisberg and He works as a producer.

His Death and Reason

John lived quietly after his divorce from his wife, bur was later diagnosed to have cancer, which he battled with for many years. It finally claimed his life, in the year 2015, and he died at the age of 68.

John Lee Bottom Net Worth 2023

His net worth and income isn’t shared, but his children are all successful in their own endeavors. John Lee Bottom though was estimated to have a net worth of $50 million.

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