Who is Andrew Santino wife? They Don’t Had any intention of marrying!

Some People say love is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Andrew Santino and his partner might just be one of the many that will agree with that statement.

Apparently, somehow the world particularly that of celebrities are gradually getting to that point in which relationships are stirred and consumed without marriage in play inspite how great or how long they have been together as un official couples.

Tying the knot, seems to be something that is gradually phasing out with celebrities.

Who is Andrew Santino ?

Andrew James Santino, is one of United States stand-up comedian, an actor and a podcaster. Some of his works include “I’m dying up here, Beef, and Dave etc. He is also referred popularly as the “slugger man”. The Slugger Man has been winning hearts since mid-2000.

The comedian had in April of 2019 mentioned in a podcast with Whitney Cummings, that he and his wife had no marriage plans on their to-do list during their initial dating stage. That is exactly what Andrew Santino and his girlfriend, now wife, had hoped to maintain at first. But along the line, love turned the tides, and his then-opinion changed.

Is Andrew Santino married?

Yes, Mr. Santino is married to his wife Danielle Brooke. They started out as friends, and their dating life was also quite private that when Andrew had later revealed on his Twitter handle it came as a surprise to his fans, especially among his female fans who found it hard to believe the announcement.

They have now been married for nearly four years, and still enjoy the bliss of marriage and each other’s company. When Cummings threw him a question in the podcast about when he knew Danielle was the one for him, he claimed he had a specific moment when he realized she was the one.

Andrew Santino happened to be married to his wife Danielle Brooke, against earlier speculations and rumors of a relationship with Sarah Bolger.

Well, Andrew’s relationship with Sarah was more or less friendship since they were spotted together oftentimes. They were once seen at the premiere of FX’s ‘Dave’ together at the Directors Guild of America on Feb 27, 2020.

One photo by Alamy captured Andrew and Sarah in matching outfits, and their hands tied around each other’s waists, a chemistry adored by their fans, as they looked gorgeous together. Bolger was only in attendance of the premiere as her support for her friends’ upcoming TV series in 2020.

He also revealed that he is in a steady relationship with his wife and a simple apology would suffice misunderstanding and fights. Sounds like a man, who is very much determined to stay married. Andrew’s wife Danielle doesn’t seem to like the media’s attention, which potentially might disturb her private life.

How Andrew Santino and his wife met

The comedian shared with Whitney how he had met Danielle his wife, and how he finally married her.

Apparently, Santino and his wife were just friends and soon started growing fond of each other, which led to their dating officially but privately.

Though in love, they both hardly saw eye to eye due to their dedication to their respective careers, somehow this ended them in a therapy program. While still dating, both agreed to get in counseling with a therapist because of various concerns in their relationship. As they kept up with the appearance, Andrew stated that it made him realize that he saw something in her, making him convinced she was the right one.

Coincidentally in a more hilarious turn of events, they discovered that the both despised their therapist. Something about that mutual hatred, made them bond together even more. They began to be more understanding to each other and soon Andrew realized that his date was a perfect match for him.

> Rumor Debunked: Is Andrew Santino Gay?

Andrew Santino is not Gay, he is just a comedian, doing his job. As a comedian, he is at liberty to make jokes and relate with all kinds of people often. One of those jokes were misinterpreted, on one occasion where it got rumored that Andrew Santino was gay particularly because he had made a post of Chris D’Ella’s photo.

Both Andrew and Chris were quite close in 2018 as friends and On April 20, 2018, the duo announced that they were planning their wedding via Instagram handle (now deleted). Which was obviously a joke for two comedians.

Though the rumor had first made a round from his character as a gay brother of Sally, in the comedy series How I Met Your Dad in 2014. Also, Andrew seemed to have nailed himself as he once claimed that he was gay in his childhood. It sometimes make people wonder whether the rumor has some truth to it or not, and many concluded him to be gay in the end.

Despite all these rumors, he and his wife are in a solid relationship which debunks any gay tales.

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