What Happen After Eboni Mills Husband Moved On And Married Her Again?

Eboni Mills Husband Moved On And Married Her Again. There’s a saying that goes “Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love.!”. Little wonder, why Eboni Mills and her ex husband took the now-more-embraced step they did. What’s the couple’s story? Many people want to know more about RZA’s love life and relationship history. So, we compiled this article, to look at RZA’s ex-wife Eboni Mills and discover what went wrong between the two. Who is Eboni Mills?

Well, to pretty much have a holistic view on Eboni Mills, we need to consider a bit of her life before marriage, her ex-husband, who goes by the name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs a.k.a RZA.

Eboni Mills is an African American woman, with an American nationality, and an African ethnicity, and the Christian faith. She schooled and graduated from high school, then furthered her education in a university, where she graduated with a degree. She is an insurance broker by profession.

While her ex-husband, RZA is a famous American rapper, a record producer, an actor, and a filmmaker. Due to the successes of his excellent professions, he has maintained the love of the spot light for many years.

However, Eboni Mills is a businesswoman and celebrity wife. Her birthday falls on 29th of November, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As of November 2023, Eboni Mills age is 38 years. Eboni is precisely a licensed broker that specializes in the Chicagoland and She assist certified insurance broker, who is assisting people in getting more financially stable debt. In addition, Eboni also works for Primerica as a district leader.

RZA’s success stems both from his music and from his personal life.

Is Eboni Mills RZA’s First Wife?

Well, RZA wasn’t always married to his current wife, Talani Rabb. He was first married to Eboni Mill, and many people are unaware that Robert’s was already married before marrying Talani. Also, his first marriage happened around 2000 and 2006. The union lasted around six years. Their marriage suffered series of difficulties, one of which were RZA’s suspected extramarital affairs and they were high on the list of marital problems. Though, none of the couple however, have shared on what may have happened that led to dissolving their marriage.

RZA’s ex-wife Eboni Mills

Eboni Miller had birthed four children in the space of their marriage duration to her ex-husband. Owing to this, she may have received a sizable amount in spousal and child support for her kids. The names of the couples four children by Eboni Miller are: Shaquasia Diggs, Melchizedek Diggs, Understanding Diggs, and Eternity Diggs were born to RZA’s ex-wife.

Despite having been born into a famous family, and unlike most case scenarios, none of Eboni and RZA’s children work in the entertainment industry. Instead, all of their children have quiet sources of livelihood. Furthermore, RZA’s kids and daughters does not seem to have cordial warm relationship with their half-siblings. But, in all, all of Eboni Miller’s children share love and are supportive of themselves.

Eboni Mills Husband

Robert Fitzgerald Digg, found love again in the arms of another woman after his divorce and married her. Diggs had known his second wife, Talani Rabb, for a few years before they began officially dating. The duo walked down the aisle together in 2009, three years after Mr. Diggs divorce from Eboni Mills was completed.

Furthermore, as a couple, Talani and Robert welcomed a male child into their union who is about the youngest of RZA’s children. However, RZA’s four children with his first wife and a son with Talani are not his only children. Roberts also has two other children from his non-marital relationships, named Pranda Diggs and Raindia Diggs.

RZA is living a currently content life with his wife and children. It is difficult to tell if he and Eboni have a good connection since they left things off but the two seems to offer co-parenting support to any affairs that concerns their children in a loving and caring atmosphere.

What Has Happened to RZA’s Ex-Wife?

Though, RZA is known to have moved on and remarried, we cannot quite say the same for his ex-wife who has kept her current relationship involvement private and out of the limelight. It is still unknown whether RZA’s ex-wife has moved on with her life and found love again or perhaps even remarried another guy.

However, in spite her secrecy, which every one is entitled to. We understand that relationships are only one part of a person’s life and has little or no effect on a person’s personality. Based on this, her estimated net worth is around US$ 1.5 Million most of which comes from her profession, and allegedly her divorce settlement from her former husband.

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