Wayε Me Yie (He Has Been Good to Me) music mp3 gospel Lyrics by Piesie Esther

Anuanom hwʒ, tete no (Brothers, look in the past)
Nea mɛdi ne nea mɛhyɛ bi ho nti (Because of what I had to eat and wear)
Abrabɔ yi mu animguaseɛ aa m’agye (I had to go through humiliation)
Se mehwɛ dea Awurade ayɛ me nnɛ yi aa
(If I have to give an accounting of how far the Lord has brought me)
Se me ka aa nka wongyindi da (You would not believe my testimony)

Kane no bebiaa aa na meti paa (The living situations I found myself in)
Ɛnkrofuor nkyen tena ateetee (The suffering of slaving for other people)
Nkotodwe aa mebuɔ ne mu anisuo aa mate
(The kneeling I had to do and the tears I shed)
Se meedi m’abrabɔ yi mu adanseɛ akyere wo aa
(If I have to give a testimony about my life)
Meka aa anka w’ongyindi oo (You would not believe it)

Bebiaa m’abeduru yi ye Awurade Adom oo (I’m here because of the Grace of God)
Kane no edin aa na wodi nim me, no wɔnfrɛ me saa biom
(I’m not called by my previous names)
Osoro Nyankopɔn asesa me din oo (
The God of Heaven has given me another name)
W’aye me yie oo (He has been good to me)

Bebiaa m’abeduru yi ɛtɔ daa ɛyɛ wɔn sɛ eny3 me aa mpo
(My success is a mystery to them)
Ahokyerɛ nti m’ataade aa ɛhyɛ me nyinaa (All my clothes had patches)
Na mede ataade foforo biaa atetɛmu (And now I’m wearing new clothes)
W’adom me ahyɛ me ataade foforo bi (He has clothed me in new garments)
W’aye me yie oo (He has been good to me)

Senka ɛnyɛ Awurade aa (If not for the Lord)
Ɔsɔ mensa na okyerɛ me kwan aa (Who held my hand and guided me)
Me aa m’abusua mu nyɛ yi (I, that come from a poor family)
Awurade ayɛ me yie oo (The Lord has been good to me) (Repeat)

Refrain 2:
W’aye me yie oo (He has been good to me)
W’aye me yie oo (He has been good to me)
Nti ahia wo aa enwu aate (Do not die because you are in need)
Ɔbeye wo yie oo (He will be good to you) (Repeat)

Ɛmmera aa na asokye bubomu (When the storm is raging)
Ɛhum retu, mede nkotodwɛ me tiemu fri
(When the waves are raging, I went to my knees)
M’ahuhia mu se Adom wura boa me oo (boa me)
(And cried unto the Lord to be gracious to me) (Help me)
Mpremprem Nyankopɔn ei (Present God)
Wo ba me wɔ w’anim oo, mehia wo mmoa oo ei
(I have come before You, I need Your help)
Abera aa na ohia buburo gu m’anim ase no (When I was humiliated in poverty)
Medi mpaebɔ den me tiemu denden (I prayed hard to You)
Ayebeda Nyame ei se mefrɛ wo aa ɛyaa braa oo
(Your work testifies of You hear my cry when I call unto you)
Braa oo braa oo braa oo braa oo braa oo braa oo braa oo mehia wo mmoa oo
(Oh come…, I need Your help)

The God of Enoch
He heard my desperate cry
He lifted me, Oh He lifted me
And He set me free


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