Tabitha Grant- The whole lot You Must Know About Hugh Grant Daughter

Tabitha Grant: Who Is She?

Some people work their entire lives to achieve success, while others are famous before they are even born.Tabitha Grant is a young girl who was the talk of the town long before she was born.

If you’re wondering how it’s obvious that being a celebrity kid has its advantages.Tabitha Grant is the eldest child of actor Hugh Grant.

Tabitha Grant has matured nicely and is making a good impression in the media. Her father instills the majority of life lessons in her and brings out the best in her.

We will just mention this father-daughter team briefly in this piece. Before we get into it, let’s take a look at Tabitha Grant’s life.

Quick Facts

Full name Tabitha Grant
Nickname Tab
Birthday September 26, 2011
Age 11 years old
Sun sign Libra
Traits Positive: Fair, social, kind, and Creative
Negative: Indecisive, controlling, and superficial
Birthplace United Kingdom
Currently residing United Kingdom
Nationality British-Chinese
Parents Hugh Grant,
Tinglan Hong
Grandparents Captain James Murray Grant,
Fynvola Susan MacLean
Siblings John Mungo Grant,
Felix Chang Hong Grant
Education High School
Profession Student
Net worth None
Social media None
Hair Color Black
Eyes color Black



Hugh’s eldest child is supposed to be the result of a brief romance. In 2011, the actor and his Chinese wife, Tinglan Hong, welcomed their first kid.

Tabith Xiao Xi is her Chinese name. Every year on September 26, 2011, he commemorates her birthday.


Parents of Tabitha Grant

Hugh was linked to beautiful women in Hollywood despite the fact that he was not married. The star from Love Actually has dedicated his heart to two amazing people.

Father Hugh Grant

Tabitha Grant is Hugh Grant’s eldest child, as previously stated. Hugh John Mungo Grant was born on September 9, 1960, in Hammersmith, London, England.

Hugh made his feature film début in 1982, playing Lord Adrian in the Oxford Film Foundation film Privileged. Similarly, he made his television debut in The Detective.

Grant has appeared in films like Two Weeks Notice, Notting Hill, The Gentlemen, Maurice, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, Serendipity, and Mickey Blue Eyes. Bridget Jone’s Diary, among others.

Hugh has received numerous awards for his efforts and contributions, including the British Academy Film Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, and many more.

Mother Tinglan Hong

Hugh was madly in love with Tinglan Hong, a restaurant waitress. They never married, but they did garner a lot of attention.

Tabitha Grant’s mother is from Lishui, Zhejiang, China, and she studied Hole and Management in England.


Although she is not now employed in the film industry, many believe she is a former Chinese actress.

Stepmother Anna Eberstein

Tabitha Grant’s stepmother’s name is Anna Eberstein. She is the co-founder of Ace Slipper, a Scandinavian sock brand situated in London. She holds a master’s degree in economics from Uppsala University in Sweden.


Captain James Murray Grant and Tabitha Grant

Tabitha Grant’s grandfather was a Seaforth Highlander officer who served in Malaya and Germany for eight years. He used to firmly run a carpet and spend his time painting watercolors and playing golf.

Grant was raised in Chiswick, west London, by her grandfather, who was born in 1929. Tabitha’s grandfather’s paintings were shown in a charity event in 2006.

The show was organized by his son James Grant and hosted by John Martin Gallery. It was even dubbed “30 Years of Watercolors.”

Susan MacLean Fynvola

Fynvola was born in Wickham, Hampshire, on October 11, 1933. She worked as a schoolteacher, teaching Latin and French.

Furthermore, Tabitha Grant’s grandmother was a music teacher who worked in a west London state school for almost 30 years. She was then diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 65.

Fynola died on July 9, 2001, in Hounslow, London, eighteen months after being diagnosed.


Hugh Grant now has five children. Tabitha Grant, on the other hand, has four siblings.

She has one biological brother and three step-brothers. Hugh has been exceedingly protective of his children, and the public knows very little about him.

Grant, John Mungo

Hugh’s second kid, John, was born a year after Tabitha. Not to mention that Anna Eberstein gave birth to him. This actor was expecting his third child the same year.

Grant for Felix Chang Hong

Hugh was dating his ex-girlfriend Tinglan while Anna was pregnant. The actor is expecting two children at the same time.

Tinglan gave birth to Felix Chang Hong Grant in September 2012. Following this, the two finally split ways for the better.

Fortunately, he returned to Anna.

The fourth child

Tabitha’s half-sister was born in December of 2015. She gave birth to Anna.

Despite this, the couple has been hesitant to share her name in the public.

The fifth child

Hugh’s fifth kid and Anna’s third was born in March 2018. They have not, however, announced the name of their daughter.

Hugh’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, said the couple had a daughter. Hugh was well into his fifties when he birthed them all. He is a charming father. Having these children has changed him.”

On May 25, 2018, Anna and Hugh married in the Chelsea Register office, shortly after the birth of their kid. According to the actor,

“I should have done it earlier.” I’m just fortunate. I have a wonderful wife. I adore her. We have three children and live together.”

Hugh Grant is madly in love with Tabitha Grant.

When this Two Weeks Notice actor had his first child, he expected to have to put his acting talents to the test. He eventually discovered, however, that it was unnecessary.

The actor revealed,

‘Many people warned me. The baby phase is not particularly fascinating. But I’m ecstatic. I figured I’d bluff my way through, but very little bluffing was required.”

The actor also claimed that he adores his daughter. Tabitha has not yet significantly altered his life, but he is overjoyed to have her. Hugh now feels good about himself as a result of Tabitha Grant.

Grant also highlighted that Tinglan is a good person, as well as intelligent, witty, and a wonderful mother. However, he believes that the media has been unfair to her.

Tinglan and Hugh co-named their lovely daughter. Tinglan picked her middle name in Chinese, although her first name is in English.

This actor is putting in a lot of effort to raise his first child. He has a tough lesson planned for his little kid. He always insists on teaching her three key principles and expects her to strictly adhere to them.

Hugh wants his daughter to be polite and not selfish. He believes it is unsuitable for a child. He also believes that discipline is key.

Hugh Grant also wants Tabitha Grant to work for her position. He also refuses to offer money to the children. As he put it,

“My other concern is that you are not providing your children money. My trust-fund friends are nothing but f*** ups. It’s like 99.9% f*** ups. So I would never do that to my children.”

Tabitha Grant’s net worth

Tabitha is a young girl who lives with her mother. As a result, she is not entitled to any professional assistance and should concentrate on her education.

Tabitha’s net worth will no longer be known. Her father, on the other hand, is a millionaire.

Hugh Grant’s Salary

Surprisingly, this British actor has been performing for a long time and is still doing so. Hugh Grant’s net worth is estimated to be USD 150 million in 2023. Tabitha’s father spends a large portion of this money on real estate.

According to sources, the actor has directed films that have grossed more than USD 3 billion at the global box office. Similarly, he got USD 1 million for his efforts in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Hugh charged between USD 7 million and USD 10 million for a film in the early 1990s. However, for his work in Two Weeks Notice, this actor received a whopping USD 12.5 million.

Grant charges around USD 10 million for a leading role in a film and USD 5 million for a supporting role.

Grants’ father had paid USD 3 million for a mansion in London’s upscale Chelse district in 2000. A year later, he spent USD 3 million on a mansion for Tabitha’s mother.

Hugh paid USD 20 million for a six-bedroom house on Chelsea Square in 2006. He sold the house three years later for USD 32 million.

Later that year, the actor chose to purchase a home for his wife, Anna Eberstein. He paid USD 13 million for the property. Furthermore, the happy pair has a reset home in Sweden.

Social networking sites
Instagram Tabitha Grant

Tabitha has remained out of the public eye as a young celebrity child. Her parents have also forbidden her from using social media networks.

When she knows everything and reaches the appropriate age, they will allow her to utilize social networking platforms. Tabitha will no longer have an Instagram account.

Hugh Grant’s Instagram page

Hugh’s absence from Instagram may come as no surprise. He once stated that he does not grasp Instagram and how it works.

He is, however, spotted tweeting on Twitter. Hugh currently has a big fan following of 739.7k followers on his Twitter account.

Tabitha Grant Right Now

Tabitha is now 10 years old and lives with her mother. She has one younger sibling and is content with her current situation.

Tabitha Grant: Who Is She?

Hugh Grant’s first kid is Tabitha.

Tabitha Grant’s Age: How Old Is She?

Tabitha is ten years old right now.

Tabitha Grant’s Parents: Who Are They?

Hugh Grant is Tabitha’s father, and Tinglan Hong is her mother.

Hugh Grant has how many children?

Hugh has five children in all. Three were with Tinglan Hong and two with Anna Eberstein.

How Much Money Is Hugh Grant Worth?

Hugh Grant has a net worth of USD 150 million as of 2022.

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