My uncle is set to divorce his wife after plumber removed 23 used condms blocking the toilet” – Nigerian Man cries out (Photos)


A Nigerian screamed when a plumber took out 23 used condms that were clogging the toilet in his uncle’s house.

He posted the story on nairaland. He says that the uncle and his wife just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and were given a child as a gift.

But because used condms were found in the toilet, the marriage is on the verge of breaking up. The uncle is surprised because he doesn’t live with his wife all the time and has never used a condom on her.

The house was built a year ago, so it couldn’t have been there before they moved in.

The teenager wrote:

“Hello there!” don’t mind my grammar pls!
There’s a trouble at home! We’ve had trouble with our toilet for a while, but when we found out what was wrong, we were shocked….

My uncle is 44, his wife is 34, and they have a girl who is 2 years old. They just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. My uncle works at the shop most of the time. He sells auto parts and accessories. He didn’t know and won’t believe that his wife brings home another man, whom she once told me was his cousin. FastFWD

We have had trouble flushing the toilet for two weeks because the water is moving. Yesterday, my uncle called a plumber. The plumber had to call my uncle back to show him what was wrong. To our surprise, it’s a condm, and one of them is still new and full of sprm…

My uncle was surprised because he said he hadn’t used it on her since they got married. He just finished building the house, which isn’t even a year old yet… Now, their marriage is on the verge of falling apart. I really like the wife because she is kind and generous and always buys me the newest phones, shoes, and shirts. I’m just a boy boy, so I don’t know how to help with the problems.”

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