Kieran The Light – Witchcraft Pt. 2 (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Kieran the Light - Witchcraft Pt. 2

Kieran The Light drops the second version of his song “Witchcraft” in his album “Storms“. Witchcraft Pt. 2 is a rap song that will surely be worth a place on your playlist. Listen and download now.


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(We don’t take no L)

I believe somebody’s pullin’ strings, don’t start me
They want me to get the vaccine, they can’t mark me
They got mad when I told ’em that sage is witchcraft
Removin’ bad spirits wit’ smoke like that get rid of that

It’s crazy, I don’t play them games with Satan, nah
Forcin’ things to happen ain’t natural, that’s just playin’ God, God
They tryna’ run me out the booth
Persecutin’ me for tellin’ the truth, they never knew, ah
Somebody need to go and give God an apology
‘Cause we ignore His prophecies and just worship astrology
I don’t care if you Aquarius or Sagittarius
God did not create it, He probably think it’s hilarious

And all the Greek mythology nonsense, I ain’t havin’ it
And anyone who call they self a god to me is blasphemous
We see 11:11 and try to claim somethin’
If it’s an angel number, tell me what angel it came from
They can’t, to me it look like it’s another idol
‘Cause if it’s an angel number, then how’s it not in the Bible?

I’m confused, the world it distractin’ us from the rules
Takin’ God out of the media, television, and schools
Thinkin’ that it’s a joke, but I am not too amused
They gon’ try and make us choose then kill us if we refuse
Read the clues, it look like the fame is too hard to handle
If you straight and you don’t wanna be gay, then you’ll get cancelled
I guess I’m cancelled, no offense though
But on His ground I’m ten toes down like I’m a Flintstone
A sex change is like sayin’ that God is stupid
If He ain’t want you to be what you are, then why’d He do it?
He said our bodies are temples, but we abuse it
Women gettin’ shots in they booty like it’s from Cupid
Manipulatin’ men into thinkin’ that it’s they true skin
When really it’s they new skin they gon’ have to redo again
Manipulation is evil, but we don’t get that
Mind games will always be a blatant form of witchcraft
And I don’t care what nobody sayin’, ’cause I’ma stick with that
And I don’t care what you believe, ’cause you gon’ have to live with that
So I’ma say this one more time, don’t start me
‘Cause God already told me He’s assemblin’ an army
I’ll try my best not to deliver this so harshly
Wait until I come back and give you the part three

Hallelujah, we praise Your Holy Name
Hallelujah, we praise Your Holy Name
We praise Your Name!

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