Kieran the Light – Witchcraft (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Kieran the Light - Witchcraft


Kieran the Light – Witchcraft  Witchcraft” is a rap song by American gospel rapper Kieran the LightIt is a song that speaks about the state of the world today. The evil happenings and all the distractions from God. Listen and Download below:


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[Verse 1] My eyes are open, I can’t get caught in these little traps
And I don’t need to burn sage, because that’s witchcraft
We need to stop being mad at the person
It’s not the flesh, it’s the spirit, we need discernment
It’s scary to have it all figured out and you still don’t know what’s coming
If I say Jesus is coming, then people think it’s funny
But all these kids believe in tooth fairies and mummies
I thought Easter was ’bout Jesus, they replaced Him with a bunny
Distractions give us more faith in Santa Claus than our Savior
How come the letters in Santa also spell Satan?
If scary movies are good, then why do we fear it?
Why do these stores like to call alcohol spirits?

[Refrain 1] Help me understand it
The world been looking shady
I just need some answers
I’m seeing men turn into ladies
Everything is backwards
The world has been deceivin’ us
With these distractions
How did this happen?

[Verse 2] Look at this world that we livin’ in, somebody castin’ spells
When we celebrate Mardi Gras, we just mask ourself
Think I’m saying too much, I might be getting past myself
Is Christmas really ’bout Christ? Now let’s just ask ourself
Okay, God, if they not shook yet, here’s the earthquake
Where in the Bible does it say was Jesus’ birthday?
Social media caused a lot of my worst days
Can’t forget the past if we keep throwing back on Thursdays
Everyone thinking it’s funny, am I the only one who don’t find it amusing?
Everybody be talking ’bout purpose but don’t even know what they supposed to be doing
Don’t even know if they believe in Jesus, everyone picking and choosing
I can see all of their fame and all of their money, but really they losing
But they gon’ just say I’m hatin’, they think they winnin’
Lukewarm Christians and their feelings ’cause they sinning
The Holy Spirit’s convictions got them offended
So let me go ahead and end it, ’cause they won’t get it

[Refrain 2] You can’t win every argument trying to twist facts
Manipulation’s a form of witchcraft
I had to let go of pride, ’cause I gotta be humble
Because he who exalts himself will be humbled

[Outro] I’m feeling this
Hold on, I’m about to go back in, ’cause I got a whole lot more to say
They not ready for this
So actually, let me pray on that
Cut it off



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