Sofia Bryant net worth: age, dad, movies and TV shows

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Sofia Bryant net worth: age, dad, movies and TV shows, net worth

The American movie industry is filled with popular celebrities as well as upcoming stars who are gradually making a name for themselves and would like to dominate the industry in a matter of years.

One of the actresses that stand a chance of making it to stardom soon is Sofia Bryant, who is an upcoming American actress.

Sofia Bryant is famous for play the role of Dina on the original Netflix series I Am Not Okay with This. She has also popular participated in other popular TV series like Blue Bloods and The Good Wife.

When most people hear Sofia Bryant’s name, one of the first things that pop up from the mind is that she is related to the late popular Basketball player Kobe Bryant.

If you are among those that believe that Sofia Bryant and Kobe Bry are related, then you are wrong.

The truth is that the two stars are in no way related as they only share the same surname ‘Bryant’ and nothing more.

To know more about Sofia Bryant, continue reading this article.

Profile Summary

Real Name Sofia Bryant
Gender Female
Date of birth 29th of December 1999
Age 22 years old
Place of birth Harlem, New York City, New YorkUnited States
Current residence New York, US
Nationality American
Siblings 1
Profession Actress

Sofia Bryant’s biography

Sofia Bryant was born on the 29th of December, 1999 in Harlem, New York City, New YorkUnited States but there are no details of who are parents are.

Miss Bryant has a sibling but there are no details on who he is. She and her family moved to Finland when she was three years only to make a return to the US later.

Sofia Bryant is an American by birth and she celebrated her 22nd birthday in December 2021.


There are no details on Sofia Bryant’s education history, she is however believed to be educated.


Sofia Bryant commenced her acting career at a very young age. The record she was a music lover as this spurred her to study at a conservatory-style theatrical group in New York City.

The Harlem born actress made her first profession appearance in 2015 in the movie Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, where she played the voice of the character of Sandra.

Her impressive performance in the previous role opened door of opportunities for her as she was features in one episode of The Good Wife as Yesha Dargis in 2016.

Aside from acting, Sofia Bryant has worked on commercials for top brands like Macy’s, Coca Cola, Apple, Airheads, Verizon, Ring Pop, among others.

Listed below are some of the movies and TV shows Sofia Bryant has worked on; 27 Candles as Cheyenne, 16 & 20, The Girl in the Woods, Mark, Mary & Some Other People, I Am Not Okay with This, The Code, Suspicion as Ellie Goodman, Blue Bloods as Female Explorer, The Good Wife, Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, and many more.

Personal Life

Sofia Bryant lives a very private life and as such there are no details on whether she is in a relationship or not.

Net Worth

There is no definite figure on how much Sofia Bryant is worth, but she lives a comfortable lifestyle in New York.

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