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Ryan Waller was a well-known television personality in the United States. In December 2006, he was slain in a shooting in Arizona.

Ryan Waller: Biography and Early Years

He was born in the year 1997, in January. Ryan T. Waller is his full name, and he is from Knoxville, Tennessee. There is no definite information about this individual’s age at the time of his death in January 2007. The consequences stemming from the injuries sustained in the gunshot incident on December 23, 2006, were the cause of his death. This guy, too, died after 26 days due to problems.

Ryan Waller is a well-known figure. He is well-known for being the victim of a robbery and subsequent gunshot. Two burglars stormed into his residence on December 23, 2006, as he was spending quality time with his lover, Heather Quan. At the time of the incident, his partner was only 21 years old.

He was shot in the back of the head by the robbers. The robbers shot his lover to death after presuming he was dead. Even though his sweetheart was found dead on the spot, he was still alive when the police came. Instead of bringing him to the hospital and getting him the medical treatment he needed, the police began to investigate and interview him when they discovered him conscious with terrible injuries. His medical assistance was delayed by the police cross-examination, which lasted nearly 2 hours. They mistook the victim to be the suspect.

As a result, this guy went through a lot of difficulties for the next 26 days, eventually dying from a seizure. The bandits fired a fatal shot at this victim, ripping a piece of his skull from his head and permanently damaging his cerebrum. According to reports, the victim had to have both of his eyes removed owing to the injury.

Ryan Waller girlfriend: Heather Quan

Ryan had a relationship with Heather M. Quan at the time. They were both living in Ryan’s apartment where the incident happened on 23rd December 2006. They were both shot by the robbers and leave to die. Quan, his girlfriend, died after being shot whiles Ryan sustained injuries after being shot in the head and later died after 26 days of injuries. Quan had to be shot as she was the only witness to Ryan’s’ murder.

Ryan Waller: What Happened to him?

The incident happen on 23rd December 2006 in his apartment when Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan, were living alone and believed to have been spending quality time together.
According to the report, some robbers banged into his compound. They intended to kill Waller. Waller got shot in the head and eye when he went to answer the door. When Ryan opened the door, he was placed at gunpoint by the intruders. When he tried to shut the door, the men shot him in the head. Then, they proceeded to enter the house and shot Heather to death.

Ryan Waller’s dad immediately report to the police after he did not hear from his son for some few hours. When the police got to the house, they assume Ryan to be the culprit. Ryan’s case was the difficult one to deal with as police interrogation suspect Ryan was the potential shooter. Information has it that, he was badly beaten by the intruders and severely injured. The robbers had anticipated that both partners were dead but Ryan had survived the injuries.

Due to the injury from the shot, they believe Ryan to be dead in addition to his girlfriend Quan. The officers couldn’t believe his story as the family of his girlfriend demanded proof of the attack. However, they finally started to believe poor Waller after 6 hours of inquiry.

Ryan Waller’s Death

Ryan Waller’s injuries eventually led to his death. The shooting was said to have torn a chunk of his skull. The bullet punctured his sinus, brain, and bone, and the meal was slowly penetrating his brain.
Although he was later sent to the hospital, it was confirmed that Waller’s condition is permanent. Waller later suffered blindness which causes him great loss as he can’t do anything on his own. He becomes a burden on his parents. He depended on them for survival for the rest of his life and later died as a result of a seizure from his injuries. He died 26 days after his injury.

Heather Quan and Ryan Waller social media

Heather was on twitter as @heatherquan and her lover Ryan on Instagram as @ryanwaller

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