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Laura Kucera. In 1995, Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head, and left to die by her alleged ex-lover. She eventually survived the bullet and died when Brian Anderson kidnapped her and kept her in a ditch.

She was unconscious for four days in a ditch where she was kept by her ex-lover. Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to 125years imprisonment.

Laura Kucera and Brian’s relationship

She become popular as her story was filmed on Netflix titled “Only Mine”. Although the film did not cover the entire story of Laura, its movie based its aim on admonishing all women who suffer any form of domestic violence in their love life.

Her ex-lover, Brian Anderson was described as a coward as he stood to kill his love for God knows which crime she committed.

What happened to Laura Kucera?

Laura Kucera died a year after surviving two gunshot wounds to the head. Before the incident that led her to her grave, she took out a protection order against her obsessive and abusive ex-boyfriend, Brian Anderson.

After that, Anderson kidnapped Laura, shot her twice in the head and one in the shoulder, and left her to die in a ditch. Laura remained unconscious in a ditch for four days before Brian had a change of heart and led police to her body.

Laura’s story was a very sad one which made Netflix produce the movie “only me in honor of Laura Kucera.” Although Brian is serving 125years in prison, her story remains the talk of the town as to why someone we claim to love could do us wicked.

The “Only Mine” movie, does tell Laura’s story?

Although the movie “Only Mine” was dedicated to Laura, it has not told the story as it happened. Laura died in reality while the character in the movie did not dies. Below are a few comparisons between the movie and Laura’s story

Laura’s ex-lover wasn’t a cop – he was an ex-con who had spent 30 days in jail for violating a no-contact order. Furthermore, the victim in the film, Julie, was shot in the leg and back. Kucera was shot in the head and shoulder and left in a ditch.

Julie’s injuries were severe but pale in comparison to Kucera’s injuries. Laura was unconscious when police found her, but Julie roused herself and got revenge by killing her abuser. Kucera didn’t exact revenge on her attempted murderer, but the court system ensured that she got justice.

These are a few of the many discrepancies between the film and Laura Kucera’s story. Gabriella Geisinger of Digital Spy opines that the film doesn’t do justice to Laura and other abuse victims as she said:

“Laura’s story is far more devastating than Only Mine makes it out to be, but neither does Only mine act as a sort of ‘wish fulfillment’ of what could have been for Laura Kucera.

All in all, it’ll leave you bored and depressed, an execrable combination that Kucera, and all other victims of abuse, don’t deserve” All thanks to Netflix. Laura Kucera’s life story was a tragic one. Being attacked and shot by your lover could be an imaginable experience. The movie, “Only Mine” is played up to date in cinemas as an awareness against domestic violence against women and children.

Anderson is serving 125 years in prison which indirectly, might die even before his sentence is due. Laura Kucera did not deserve to be treated by the one she loves and to everyone in any abusive relationship.  For your safety, cases like this should be reported to the police. No one deserves to be killed by another talk more of the ones we love and care for.

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