Forgive – Lionel Peterson

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Don’t let it live
Don’t let the darkness
Of Satan in
Send it away
Don’t let it stay
Let mercy reign
We must forgive
We’re called to walk
In Christ’s footsteps
He had no guile
No worldly style
Even when falsely accused
Mistreated and abused
It was His to choose
And He chose to forgive(Repeat)
He heard the words
That broke your heart
He felt the pain
He knows the shame
He’s seen those things
That cut your life
Just like a knife
He felt them every time(Repeat)
Don’t let it stay
Don’t let that hate
Of Satan in
We must forgive
Never, never let it stay
Don’t let the darkness in
Let mercy reign
We must forgive (echo)
Wipe the slate clean

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