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Can you be pregnant and still have a period. Is It Possible?

Written by Shemaiah Gaza

Can you be pregnant and still have a period> Many ladies surprise that have they got durations throughout being pregnant. Is it potential for girls to be pregnant and nonetheless have durations? In case you are looking for solutions to those questions, search no extra. You will have reached the very proper place. Right here on this article, we’ll talk about every part intimately concerning durations and being pregnant. So, keep hooked up to us to discover all the data you want to know concerning having durations throughout being pregnant.

Earlier than going into the main points of getting durations throughout being pregnant, let’s discover all useful data concerning ladies having durations.

What Are Intervals?

Intervals or menstruation is regular vaginal bleeding, a wholesome month-to-month cycle for a person with a uterus and ovaries. Each month, within the years between puberty (aged 11 to 14) and menopause (aged above 50), the physique prepares for being pregnant. The liner of a girl’s uterus thickens, and an egg grows, which will get launched from one of many ovaries.

Why Girls Have Intervals?

Intervals are a method of getting ready a girl’s physique for being pregnant and a method of releasing tissues that your physique now not wants. These durations are a technique of getting ready a ladies’s physique for being pregnant. The liner of a girl’s uterus will get thicker and ready for nurturing a fertilized egg. Throughout this course of, an egg is launched and is able to fertilize and settle within the uterus lining.

If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, your physique now not wants the uterus’ thicker lining; therefore, it begins to interrupt down and will get expelled finally, together with some blood out of your vagina. These are the durations for girls, and as soon as the method is over, it begins once more.

What Occurs Throughout Intervals?

Till the being pregnant doesn’t happen in ladies, the estrogen and progesterone ranges begin falling, and with time they attain a stage that tells your physique to begin menstruation. In the course of the durations, the uterus sheds its lining and will get handed together with blood. It will get out of the physique by the vagina.

During times, bleeding normally begins off gentle and finally will get heavier and darker pink. It normally lightens in colour and amount as a girl approaches the tip of the cycle.

Research declare that in menstruation, a girl loses round 2-3 tablespoons of blood. The time between durations normally lasts for 28 days, with bleeding occurring for 4-5 days; nonetheless, exceptions do happen.

Can Intervals be stopped?

There is no such thing as a clear and reduce technique for stopping durations; nonetheless, particular contraception methods might help suppress durations. A few of such methods are listed beneath:

  • Start Management Capsules

Taking contraception drugs every day for a yr enhances the probabilities of suppressing your cycle.

  • Hormone Shot

A hormone shot impacts your fertility for about 22 months. Practically after one yr, you should have a 50-60 p.c likelihood of suppressing your cycle and about 70 p.c within the subsequent two years.

  • Hormonal IUD

Taking a hormonal IUD (intrauterine gadget) for one yr enhances the chance of suppressing your cycle by 50 p.c.

  • Arm Implant

Inserting a contraception implant within the higher arm enhances your probabilities of suppressing the cycle by 20 p.c after about two years.

Can You Have Intervals and nonetheless be Pregnant?

Now let’s dive into essentially the most essential a part of this text. Let’s discover out {that a} girl can have durations when she is pregnant?

The quickest and shortest reply is NO; a girl can not have durations when she is pregnant. Some ladies might expertise “recognizing” throughout early being pregnant, which is gentle pink or darkish brown.

A common rule of thumb says that if there may be sufficient bleeding to fill a pad, it’s a clear indication that you’re not pregnant. When you’ve got been examined optimistic for being pregnant and are bleeding closely, you want medical care immediately.

Why Can’t a Girl Have Intervals Throughout Being pregnant?

You can not have durations whereas being pregnant as a result of durations are the lack of blood that takes place on the finish of a menstrual cycle. This happens as a result of the ladies’s egg doesn’t get fertilized by the sperm.

When the egg fails to get fertilized, the hormones that management the egg’s launch into your fallopian tubes and result in the thickening of the womb lining, and a drop of their ranges is noticed by the tip of the month. Resultantly, the womb lining disintegrates and causes durations.

On the flip aspect, when a girl will get pregnant, her egg will get fertilized and grows as an embryo inside her uterus’s partitions. Because the womb lining doesn’t get discarded by the tip of every month, a girl now not has durations. That’s why one of many earliest indications of being pregnant is lacking the durations.

Intervals and Being pregnant

As talked about earlier, durations in ladies happen every month because of which eggs turn out to be fertilized. These eggs are launched within the ovaries as soon as a month. If the eggs don’t get fertilized, they transfer out of the uterus and depart by the vagina.

The wall between durations and being pregnant is kind of clear. Both a girl can have durations, or she will be able to turn out to be pregnant. Nonetheless, it’s not that apparent. Some ladies declare that they have durations whereas being pregnant.

Bleeding is likely to be a warning signal; nonetheless, it doesn’t must be one thing terrible. Many ladies find yourself having wholesome infants even after experiencing recognizing throughout their first trimester. If a girl bleeds throughout being pregnant, the situation refers to one thing aside from common menstruation as a result of durations can solely happen if you aren’t pregnant.

What Causes Bleeding through the First Trimester?

Many ladies surprise why they expertise bleeding if they don’t have durations. Effectively, bleeding just isn’t essentially a sign of menstruation; as an alternative, there could be a number of different bleeding causes throughout being pregnant.

A few of the causes of bleeding through the first trimester which point out an emergency medical concern embrace:

  • Adjustments within the cervix

  • Implantation bleeding

  • Infections

  • Ectopic being pregnant (being pregnant outdoors the uterus)

  • Molar being pregnant (irregular mass fertilization as an alternative of a fetus)

  • An early indication of a miscarriage

Bleeding within the first trimester could be accompanied by:

  • Belly ache

  • Extreme cramps

  • Faintness

  • Again ache

  • Shedding consciousness

  • Shoulder ache

  • Fatigue

  • Fever

  • Vaginal discharge adjustments

  • Uncontrollable nausea

  • Vomiting

Moreover, the bleeding is far heavier as in comparison with regular recognizing, which happens throughout common durations.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding happens through the earliest phases of being pregnant, i.e., on the time you continue to haven’t gone for a being pregnant check. It is a explicit sort of bleeding that happens when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus across the time your interval is predicted.

Implantation bleeding is typically confused with durations as a result of the bleeding is usually gentle or is normally simply recognizing. Proper after being pregnant, a girl might expertise recognizing from cervical adjustments. This concern isn’t a reason behind concern except an an infection happens.

What Causes Bleeding within the Second and Third Trimesters?

Bleeding, if it reaches past the primary trimester, requires medical care and a spotlight. No matter the truth that bleeding through the second and third trimester depicts any signs or not is gentle or heavy; you should get in contact with the physician and talk about the problem intimately.

A few of the causes of bleeding through the remaining months of being pregnant might embrace:

  • Cervical dilation or preterm labor

  • Miscarriage

  • Uterine rupture

  • Vasa Previa

  • Placenta previa

  • Placental abruption

Let’s talk about these issues briefly.


A miscarriage is one other being pregnant complication that refers back to the lack of the fetus earlier than 20 weeks of being pregnant. This situation normally happens both through the first trimester or the primary three months of being pregnant.

Miscarriages occur because of a number of causes, most of which aren’t in an individual’s management. Nonetheless, being conscious of the signs and danger elements might help higher perceive the problem and get assist when wanted.

Miscarriage signs differ and rely upon the stage of being pregnant. A few of the generally skilled signs of miscarriages embrace:

  • Vaginal bleeding

  • Heavy recognizing

  • Extreme stomach ache or cramping

  • Delicate to extreme again ache

  • Fluid or tissue discharge by the vagina

Uterine Rupture

Uterine rupture refers back to the tearing or separation of the uterus muscle. This complication results in uncontrolled bleeding. The situation is mostly skilled by these ladies who’ve delivered by the C-section (cesarean part). Uterine rupture happens hardly ever and is commonest in outdated scar strains together with the uterus.

Many of the issues that happen within the latter a part of the being pregnant result in bleeding and different signs which might be much like durations. This isn’t menstruation.

Preterm Labor

Preterm labor refers back to the beginning of the newborn that happens earlier than 37 weeks. Earlier than preterm labor, some ladies expertise signs much like durations, together with a considerable amount of mucus discharge.

Along with that, ladies may additionally expertise cramping and contractions throughout preterm labor. A few of the signs of preterm labor embrace:

  • A sensation of stress within the vagina

  • Backache

  • Adjustments in discharge

Placenta Previa

This situation happens when the placenta is implanted low within the uterus and intensely near the cervix. Bleeding in such a situation varies; nonetheless, there aren’t any different identified signs. Placenta Previa could cause issues in labor and supply.

Placental Abruption

Placental Abruption is a complication that primarily happens throughout the previous few months of being pregnant. In such a state of affairs, the placenta detaches from the uterus, which results in heavy bleeding, extreme abdomen ache, and cramping. Moreover, sure well being issues similar to hypertension improve the chance of placental abruption.

When to Seek the advice of a Physician?

Girls ought to seek the advice of a health care provider if they’ve bleeding throughout being pregnant, particularly in the event that they expertise extra signs similar to:

  • Dizziness and fatigue

  • Ache and cramping

  • Extreme bleeding or passing clots

  • Intense ache within the abdomen and pelvis

You shouldn’t delay consulting a health care provider if bleeding is vibrant pink and soaks the pad.

Additionally, vaginal bleeding or pelvic ache through the early being pregnant phases signifies ectopic being pregnant, significantly if these signs pop-out earlier than an preliminary ultrasound. If a girl expects an ectopic being pregnant, she ought to seek the advice of a health care provider as quickly as potential.

Ultimate Phrases

We hope this text was useful for you and helped you discover extra data concerning durations and being pregnant. It’s fairly evident {that a} girl can not have durations whereas being pregnant. Nonetheless, a girl can expertise signs much like durations through the first trimester. A few of these signs embrace:

  • Vaginal bleeding

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Decrease again ache

These signs is likely to be much like these a girl experiences during times; nonetheless, they aren’t a sign of durations throughout being pregnant. As an alternative, these signs are a pure method of getting ready your physique for being pregnant.

Bear this factor in thoughts that if the above signs get extreme or don’t disappear with time, you’ve reached your second or trimester of being pregnant. It’s essential to search fast medical care and talk about the problem together with your physician.

Usually, it’s difficult to inform that both bleeding is indicative of a medical or emergency or not. The most suitable choice is to seek the advice of your physician immediately if you’re bleeding at any being pregnant stage.

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