10 Best Whitening Cream For Face And Body.

There are so many of whitening cream for face and body in the market, which is really difficult to know the one that is really good and how fast it be in giving the desired result.

The best whitening cream for face and body are the one that are suitable for all skin types and colors either dark, chocolate, or fair complexion.

So without lot of talk, I will identify 10 effective whitening cream for face and body I have personally used and can boldly testify about.


* Caro White Lightening Cream is specially produced with beta carotene, vitamin A and E to brighten and glow the skin complexion. It lighten and also brightens dull skin and makes it very even tone.


* Carotone Body Lotion is specially designated to lighten and brighten up the skin tone within days. It is also produced with some ingredients that can protect the body from sun and also smoothens, softens, tones, and brightens up the skin in short period of time.

* Pure White Gold Cream is a quick lightening cream that is produced with six vegetable oils, plant extracts and antioxidants. It is made in Senegal by a company called UNIPARCO.




*White Secret Body Lotion contains ingredients proven to lighten the skin and remove black heads and spots also contains Vitamin, vitamin E that treats pigmented skin. It cleans the skin of all blemishes and tones down all dark spot leaving a velvet and clean skin.



*Bio Claire Lightening Cream is non hydroquinone skin lightener system, without hydroquinone stimulates the lightening process in a natural way, make the complexion clear and even, with no mess. Its natural Bio vegetal activator makes the skin bright and healthy.


* Dodo Cream erases discolorations and improves the skin’s elasticity. It refreshes and revives the skin tone and texture. It also helps in fading away the skin infection.



* Perfect white body lotion it gives a fresh and radiantly fair skin. It is made from multiple fruit extracts that act as quality elements for the smoother, brighter, and well protected skin.


* BB Clear Lightening Cream is formulated with plant base ingredients that exfoliates the skin. It is very active and works fast in brightening up your complexion within a short period of time.




* CT+ clear therapy cream is moisturizes and hydrates the skin for smooth, radiant skin. It is a nourishing cream that helps in reducing wrinkles and facial lines.



* Clinic clear whitening cream is a multi function whitening body care unifies, corrects, protects, brightens, and hydrates the skin in one step. The skin is radiant and unified while being protected against premature signs of aging.

These skin whitening cream listed above are tested and trusted cream. Is for anyone who wants a clear and smooth skin without any skin reactions and anyone who wants to maintain their skin complexion.


Where To Buy Original Skin Whitening Cream:

You can buy the original of these whitening creams online either on Jumia or on Konga.

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