Top 10 Skin Bleaching Cream That Work Fast 2023

We have a lot of skin bleaching cream in the Market, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, but how can we know the best cream that will give you the best results without damaging your beautiful skin ? If you’re looking for the most effective skin bleaching cream that will whitening your complexion, then this post is for you. On this blog I will give you the list of top bleaching cream and their side effects. So kindly take your time and go through then drop your thought in comment section.

Without wasting your time, let me show you the top 10 best whitening cream that have been tested and trusted and is well known and popular to give you quick and effective results.

The list of whitening cream are popular in the market and almost all cosmetics shop have it. So even if you use it and it finish, is easy to get anywhere you’re.


1: Caro White Lightening Cream is specially made with betacarotene, Vitamin A and E to enhance your skin complexion. This cream take away dark spot and dark areas of your skin and make your  skin beautiful and smooth complexion.

2: Carotone Body Lotion is specially made to lighten up your skin complexion within a short period of time. It has sun protection, smoothens, softens, tones and brightens up the skin fast.

3: Pure White Gold Cream is a fast lightening lotion specially formulated with six vegetable oils, plant extracts and antioxidants. It is made in Senegal by a company called UNIPARCO.

4: White Secret Body Lotion is a wonder working cream that will turn you into an albino in two weeks if you follow the instruction written on the container to use it twice daily. If you are looking for a fast skin bleaching cream, search no more.

5: Bio Claire Lightening Cream is a bleaching lotion made in Cote D’Ivoire, Abidjan. Contrary to what the producers wrote on the container, it is popularly believed to have hydroquinone in it.

6: Dodo Cream is a controversial strong lightening and whitening lotion that is believed to either contain hydroquinone, mercury or steroid because of how fast it bleaches the skin.

7: Perfect White Body Lotion is a skin lightening and whitening cream that is very effective in brightening and toning the skin. It removes dark scars and hyperpigmentation from the body.

8: BB Clear Lightening Cream is specially formulated with plant-base ingredients that exfoliates your skin to reveal a silky and younger looking skin. It lightens and brightens your skin complexion and makes it beautifully radiant.

9: CT+ Clear Therapy Cream is a milk formula specially designed for pigmentation problems. It is a skin lightening lotion that unifies your skin tone and gives you a flawless and beautiful complexion. It also exfoliates dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth, bright and radiant.

10: Clinic Clear Whitening Cream is a popular skin bleaching cream that lightens the body very quick and brightens the skin complexion. It is made by the same company that produces dodo cream.

These skin bleaching cream listed above have stood the test of time and doesn’t disappoint anyone no matter how stubborn your skin is. Just make sure you buy the original ones and you will definitely testify that they really work.

Where To Buy Original Bleaching Cream:

You can buy the original of these skin bleaching creams online either on Jumia or on Konga.


Bleaching Cream Side Effects:

1: It gives 50% of people eczema
2: It gives 90% of people sunburns. we advise you to use it only in the night.
3: It gives 70% of  people green veins
4: It gives 80% of people stretch marks
5: It gives 80% of people dark knuckles
6: It gives some people whitish pale complexion


1. Don’t use whitening cream in day time. Use only in the night and use normal moisturizing cream in the day when going out.

2. Always use sunscreen protection cream when going inside sun.

3. Always buy original Product and not the fake. Identify the original and the fake product that you’re using. If you buy fake product it may gives you alot of negative side effects.

4. Stop using the cream immediately if you notice any of the site effect above.

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