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Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles is an American yoga instructor, actress, author, and dancer. Mario Van Peebles’ second wife is Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Chitra Peebles
Gender: Female
Profession: actress, author, dancer, and yoga teacher
Country: USA
Marital Status: married
Husband Mario Van Peebles
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birth Place Guyana
Nationality American
Education Kerala Ayurveda
Father Yogi Hari
Mother Leela Mata
Kids three


Biography of Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles
Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles was born into an Indian-American household in Guyana. She was, however, raised mostly in the United States. Her birth date and other personal information are unknown.

Leela Mata, her mother, is an Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta Philosophy, and Meditation instructor. Her mother is also the owner of a spiritual institution in Pennsylvania. Her mother passed away on October 13th, 2021.

Similarly, her father, Yogi Hari, is a master of Hatha, Raja, and Nada Yoga. Chitra is the eldest of three children. This individual began daily yoga meditation at a young age, having spent the majority of her formative years at various Sivananda Ashrams around the world.

She developed and honed her yoga talents there. As a result, she kept up her ‘Foundational Practice’ of Yoga and Meditation throughout her time at university. She also has a Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from the Kerala Ayurvedic Institute.

Height and weight of Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles
This yoga teacher is of normal height and weight. She also maintains a healthy and sound body as a result of her daily meditation. Her hair is dark brown and curly. Chitra’s eyes are also a dark brown color. Aside than that, no information is available about her physical attributes.

Career Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles is a trained professional yoga instructor and teacher. As a result, this yoga instructor holds a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 certification. This is hardly surprising given that she began practicing Yoga at the age of three and that it has become a way of life for her.

She also travels the world teaching and directing various adult and children’s retreats. She, too, is an actor. She was in several films, including ‘Love Kills’ (1998), ‘Judgement Day’ (1996), and ‘Armed’ (1998). Following that, she refused to sign any film contracts and concentrated on her spiritual convictions.

This yoga instructor proves that he or she is more than meets the eye. She is an outstanding Indian classical dancer in addition to her acting profession. This actress excels at the traditional dance genre known as ‘Bharata Natyam.’

Moreover, during her undergraduate years, this actress had a nagging desire to learn and revel in the joys of the material world, which prompted her decision to try modeling. As a result, while she was successful on this road, she was unsatisfied.

This lady offered healing to a vast number of individuals, including adults and children, through her teachings and retreats, as well as her yoga-inspired meditation and connectivity activities.

In addition, this actress has a YouTube account. She also puts Yoga videos there and has written various books and videos. Furthermore, based on her followers’ testimony, she has done an amazing job of supporting them in connecting with their inner selves and healing.

As a result of her efforts, this yoga instructor is now a published writer with her play “To My Amazement,” which has garnered great feedback following recent performances in Canada. This yoga instructor established the Youth Yoga Teachers Training Course (YYTTC) for young people aged 16 to 21. She is now working on a book called Yoga Nidra | Awakened SleepTM, as well as a number of online courses.

Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles’s net worth.
Her true net worth has yet to be exposed on the internet in terms of earnings. Despite not earning a million dollars, she is well-known in Florida as a yoga instructor.

Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles Marriage, Husband
Mario Van Peebles’ second wife is Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles. After his divorce from his first wife, Lisa Vitello, the two wedded in a private ceremony. Mario is a well-known Hollywood filmmaker and actor.

She has been married to her spouse Mario for many years. They are the parents of three children. Mario is also the father of two children from a prior relationship with Lisa Vitello. Chitra, on the other hand, is responsible for all five children.

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